Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why not?

Salam ladies..

Alert: This post contains no info about life, Japan or wedding..n also cooking=p haha

Now and then there are people asking me, why do I blog in english? why not bahasa melayu?

I do write in bahasa melayu some times.

and in rojak language most of the time.

No, no. I wouldn't be so formal in my personal blog. Enough to be formal at the end of the day right?

So, why not bahasa Melayu?
Becoz, I got friends and relatives outside of Malaysia and some of them not even Malays.
So, to facilitate the sharing of infos, I usually write in english.
Another thing is, I am not good in english. Therefore, I am using this blog as an escapade to train myself to write in english.
I hope those who had questioned me about this will finally understand why, and please don't get offended. It's not that I don't love our national language. I always do and proud to be Malaysia specifically Malay.

There are few telling me that by writing in english, selection of blogs in bahasa melayu will be less coz less people are writing in bahasa melayu.
I am aware of that. However, my intention for having this blog is neither for publicity nor to make money. I don't even put nuffnag in my blog. And not many people know the existence of my blog. Just those who really are close and also the cousins.
Again, I am abusing this blog so that my friend around the world could connect with me without the need for us to sit together in a coffee house.

Apologize if I ever make some of you annoyed of reading my poor writing.



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