Thursday, January 13, 2011

Green Engagement


If you asked me..which day was the most hectic in 2010??
I would answer..1.1.2011. haha=p
Seriously..even though it was not in 2010=p ahaha..
We (husband and me) have to be in 3 different occasions in a day!
Alhamdulillah..everything was well planned to suit our schedule (I didn't know whether it was a coincident or they planned it like that...but it falls perfectly in our schedule).

The day started with Abg Chik's engagement ceremony. Abg Chik is my husband's younger brother. Lucky again for us cause apparently his fiance lives just nearby..hehe..Ampang, everything was easy.

Let's check out the e-day:
I love all the hantarans..Ok..maybe I am being it's red roses kan=p The fiance was so kind to my MIL. She took care of everything. What we have to do was..carry the hantarans on the day=p
The setting..masyaAllah..the dais was sooo cantik!!fresh flowers all over!the wedding must be more beautiful than this for sure!^_^ can't wait!
The fiance and my MIL. No doubt she's one pretty lady. Pretty with brain okkey..she's a doctor.

Too beautiful aite??^_^

SO, the theme was green. Whoever in searching for green e-day or solemn concept..this must be a good example huh!

Never had a thing with green..but I love emerald's like so love!!

p/s:next!another engagement ceremony!

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