Sunday, January 16, 2011

Murasaki to ao wedding theme


I remember..people usually think of wedding theme as 1 color. But nowadays, everything has changed whereby people came out with a more daring color palette, combining rare colours together as one theme. But seriously all to me came out sooo beautiful.hehe..hence I had never been able to decide on my own wedding theme..yeah..reason for my wedding without color palette thing I was sure that time..i want red roses as main deco=p

Like other brides of this era, my sister also combining two main colors as her wedding theme..
They are murasaki (purple) and ao (blue) ^_^..typical sister!combining two sweet colors together..(I know..she's trying too hard to run away from pink=p)

Oh sister did so much for my wedding..Known as the poorest sibling (in financial), she did helped me a lot in a way that visible to me or not. I am sure there were so much more that she did without me knowing that. So, I determined to at least sponsor something for her wedding! ahaha..

I was back home 1 week earlier than her wedding date in order to help her in wedding prep. My husband was back a day before the ceremony..hence the ability to give my full service for the wedding prep. Even so, we still failed to pull out the plans perfectly as per discussed.

Also, I didn't know about her wedding dress, dais and whatsoever. All she find it herself with the husband. Knowing how she likes to waste her money=p haha...I thought she'll pull something that stunning with unreasonable price! but turned out...she chose a very simple wedding!

*Actually the money mostly gone for 'the stuff' that she can keep after the wedding T_T..* bahaha..

The bunga telur..she made them herself. I think total cost for one flower was about rm8. She used all fine synthetic flowers..but still..mahal T_T..The doorgift bag. They were silver bags and newspaper basket (for lucky guests)
The setting

Arrival of the lovebirds..Oh, I love her dress...coz the kain was chiffon! So it flows! The w-boutique didn't even use the fine wedding lace for the was just a plain white lace which then improvised with loads of manik!it looked much more 'lavish' than my dress (which uses fine wedding lace T_T)Oh..nothing..I just love the picture=p looking at me functioning there=p ahaha..
oh, that's my engagement's dress..finally..I got reason to get into that dress again ^_^
Me with my sister feeling touched. Finally we are moving on=) Good luck to us. May we get older happily in the side of men that we love. Really hope I'll have a new niece or nephew when i get back home after this=)
Us with husbands..hehe..
Pity husband..he just ate after a long day=( Sorry darling!*cheese!!*
waaa...teruknye muke ku dgn perpeluhan itu T_T

I was actually bringing my very own personal photographer that day (hubby T_T)..but I failed to get all the copies as he was busy T_T..therefore, the stolen pictures from my cousin's fb T_T..hehe..sorry yazid=p

I intend to show you more of the details when I got the piccas ya..just sharing ideas and experience here ^_^

*Writer remembers she was crying when her sister attempt to get married back in 2005. She was just devastated to know that she'll lose one person who she shared her life with. Losing a person who cares so much about her back then. In fact she thinks that her sister was the only person that care about her and took care of her more than a mother could do. Secretly she was feeling grateful when her sister ended up the relationship with the man a year later. But now..she really was happy to know that her sister was married and was so calm during the wedding day! Hopefully, kakak can now move on with her life and stop wasting ur money and love for me T_T..So, hubby..can you replace kakak in my heart??*

It's snowing outside..and raining in my heart;


  1. haha no biggie lah kak wani. just take it whenever u want :)



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