Monday, January 10, 2011

Lapik Pahar Tiffany Blue

Salam lovelies...

Ini adelah iklan=p

Any of you searching for lapik dulang hantaran??
Tiffany blue??Simple yet elegant??(haha..puji taste sendiri=p)

This tiffany blue lapik dulang has just been used once (my sister's wedding). They are now open for grab. Either for rent or sale.

Overall look

Details close up

How it looks on the dulang ^_^

When they act on the day

I just love the simplicity and the fact that it shines=) For those who is extra rajin, u can act crytal dangling at its edge=) adding richness on its look.

For sale : rm10 each
For rent: rm7 each
p/s: There are altogether 9 pieces.

Please call: Risha 019-2995957

or simply leave comments on the comment box below. Onegaishimasu!!

Shitsurei shimasu till next time ^_^


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