Friday, January 14, 2011

E-day of my dream =)


Alert: I'll tell a comprehensive elaboration about the event. Based on the request from my non-Malaysian friends.

Yesterday I left you guys at my brother in law's engagement ceremony.
In the afternoon, we rushed to Bukit Antarabangsa; for his cousin's engagement ceremony.
In Malay custom, engagement ceremony usually took place at the girl's home. It's like the men with his family came to ask for the girl's hand. That's why the girl is the one who has to wait at her home (in other words, she has to organize the place for the ceremony).

Not like my brother in law's,(where we had to mobilize the whole delegates to the girl's house), my husband's cousin is the one who's hand was asked for. So, the whole family has to wait the guys family to come.

Meanwhile, the girl has to prepare few gifts for the guy. In this case, she prepared 7 gifts and the guy replied with 5 gifts (it's a custom for the lady to give more than the guy).
Gifts (hantaran) for the groom-to-be.
Gifts for the bride-to-be. I love their decorations. Looks so rich and effortless.
After discussions..done by the men, groom's mom will have to put on the ring (the knot) on the bride's finger. I think this is a symbol showing that the girl is now booked=p
I love the blue veil on her bun ^_^..comel!
What I love the most??the dais!I so want this kind of setting for my e-day. Unfortunately, I dont have such space in my humble house...
Her name is Nurul..
Nurul..I love your engagement ceremony!!^_^ Simple and intimate!

This event was still not the end of my 1.1.11's schedule. stay tuned for more=p


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