Friday, January 14, 2011

My sister's solemnization-1.1.11


Now we are at the final occasion of 1.1.11...fuh..exhausting rite!But at the same time I felt relief of being able to attend all ceremonies. Alhamdulillah..

The main intention of us returning back home was for my sister's wedding.
The solemnization was on the 1.1.11. And so goes for hantaran's figures=p

Ceremony was held just after Asar at the surau in front of our house. The same place held mine as well^-^

From cousin's house, we rushed back to my house. Immediately after I arrived, we all moved to the surau.
Hehe..rombongan cik kiah..the hand bouquet also my angkara=p haha..but i think I have to make it even bushier to match my sis's body frame..uhuhu..
The hantaran for the groom..
crap..I didn't have the photos of hantaran for her T_T Gomen..
The akad..
The moment when my sister officially became a wife
Us with husbands=)

Cantik jugak baju nikah hijau kan??hehe..
my sister's dress is open for rent or sale=p ehehe...
Dress and veil can be rented or purchase separately.

Rent RM200
Selling at RM400

Questions??Leave them in the comment box. Onegaishimasu!!

What??I m married for almost 6 months??Good fast time flies..rase mcm baru kawin ^_^ Syukran..


  1. size ape your sis yang?..

    so email me ya..

  2. replied ^_^ check ur emel ya=)
    kak lina:hehe..kalo die tau kembang pule nnt..



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