Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kekejaman Coco


Looonggg time since I posted here. X kire la...I still feel it has been so long=p
Why is that?
Got nothing to post.

Why got nothing?Is my life that plain??
hehe...yeah..apparently I am getting busier now. In a way I am glad that finally I can do the real job other than parking myself in the corner and study.sigh..
So, you want me to babble about my work??bluerghh...haha..

While I browsing through my pictures in my phones, I found this;

Coco park herself a.k.a butt on my wedding album T_T..Coco..waaa...u know how much that cost??

It's a she.
Jahat...another cat from hell..
My sister la kutip bawak balik from...I bet you guys will be surprised..KEDAH..
If she is will be okay even if it's from Thai or it..but she's sooooo not adorable!Please.
But I could not blame kakak on how this cat finally inhabit my house and..yeah..the whole area..she is now like the head of the taman perumahan or something..just don't be in her sight..or u'll die (amaran tok kucing2 lain).

Kakak drove all the way from Kedah (from his outstation la..) and kutip this cat to give to her friend..but..when coco arrived, she was sooo adorable and so like a 'cat'!Love people..golek2..ngiau2 manje..all la.then my heart melted by the way coco loves so stick with me.

Just after I decided to let Coco stays, Coco transformed to an evil cat that you never seen. Seriously..haha..Only people who had visited Coco would know..and later curse her. she cares..

So far..Coco has killed a few cat in my house..including my first baby, Lilo T_T..since then..I really hate Coco..T_T

Tgk tu..nobody can sit near her if she's taking over the sofa..or..u'll be bitten..
when she came home moody..she'll find the nearest people hands to bite!Crazyy!!!!!!

Oh, she weighs 5kg and two questions that people usually asked when they sees Coco: 1) Pregnant ke kucing ni??=|
2) Jantan kan??=|

See not adorablenye you..=p

She's now kakak's cat. When kakak around..she shows her adorable face la!menyampah gle!

Oh, Coco got hobby too..she loves weddings!She'll force you doing DIY or any wedding stuff when you are at home!haha..

Crazy Coco!

Jya Matta;


  1. I just have to comment. Met Coco, cute cat, and yes she is another cat from hell. Agak2 kalau letak Chibi ngan dia sape menang? hahaha...

    Betol ke Lilo mati sebab dia? Kalau Lilo ade lagi bulih lah mate kan dia ngan kucing aku. huhu..

  2. comelnya..jeles cat hilang..T_T
    bela since i form4(2007)
    sgt2 sedih kat penang ni dok memikirkn mana lah my fatty lazy cat..

  3. fifi:ye betoll...die gigit lilo..pastu tros lilo jatuh sakit=( ksian gle mase lilo sakit tu T_T

    eiqa:comel??T_T..scary adela coco ni T_Y

    Imran:ha??biar btol comel??die xleh senyum lgsg!mmg set2 samseng jalanan..

  4. cats kalau nmpk org yg xkenal dtg rumah,mostly semua lari lintang pukang..

  5. kalo coco..die g kt org tu...pusing2 kt situ wat pandangn membunuh..haha..mmg x adorable lgsg!



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