Monday, January 31, 2011

Omiyage desu!


Lamenye x update=(
I was sooo busy. I am now doing my laundry while leaving marks here. Got a lot to updates though. BUt, I don't know where to start T_T..My fans in Malaysia...haha..(you know who you are..)..I am sooo sorry for lack of updates and late replies of anything. Tried so hard to stick on fb T_T..
p/s: Actually I was not sure what I am doing here..but..yeah..busy=(

I decided to refresh my memory starting the day I dumped my blog=p It was when I returned from Malaysia.
Hm..let's see..the first thing that I set up to post was..about the omiyage.
hehe..due to tight budget and limited weight that I could carry (T-T)..I decided to give cookie as omiyage (souvenirs).

Here they were!yes..were..abish already!Bet most of you guys could recognize this pineapple tart right??I love pineapple tarts. My husband too!!And this one..really oishii!!totemo oishii!!
Can you guys read the contacts??For more, click here=)

However, in Japan, they really care about food presentation. It would be awkward for them if you hand them the tarts inside the container like that. For them it's not, I spent the weekend to pack them in nice, cute packs. The cute plastic bag can be found anywhere ..they use them regularly to pack things. You's Japan..they love everything that's pretty even it's temporary. That's why Japan is famous as a country where you could find the cute small things that's rationally useless however irresistible T_T
Even I ended up buying lots of this small plastic bags cause I could not resist the cuteness T_T
No worries..they are all cheap=) haven't see the paper bag yet=p

I forgot to snap the picture of them after the packings. Or I did??=( Forgot already..
I could say that I was proud to hand them Malaysia no omiyage with nice wrappings=) hehe..
So, I guess good presentation really make a point gives you confidence (that your omiyages are in good quality) and at the same time showing the sincerity.

So people, even your omiyage is not that expensive, presentations may help you in giving the good presumptions of the quality=p

What's wrong with sharing wedding info through blog??


  1. setuju dengan akak!

    "even your omiyage is not that expensive, presentations may help you in giving the good presumptions of the quality".
    memang tak boleh nak sangkal. the simplest is the best.

    hope you well there! have fun! :)

  2. hehe..sankyu..i am ok.hope u get some of japanese words from here ^_^ matta!

  3. kirenye...aku n hubby mmg org jepun la eh. semua bende kitorg buat nicely presented. hahahaha XD *sambung dr facebook* hahaha

  4. ape yang 'korang buat' yg nicely presented tuh??=p (ade2je modal nk jadik org jepon eh..=p)



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