Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nagoya: Noritake

Noritake Co., Limited (株式会社ノリタケカンパニーリミテド Kabushiki-gaisha Noritake Kanpanī Rimitedo?) (TYO5331) is a porcelain maker headquartered in NagoyaAichi PrefectureJapan
source: Wikipedia
Also, find the rest of the history there ^_^

I know that one day, I'll be just like any other mom. When the time comes, I will have a weird crave towards wares. More to it, expensive wares where most moms won't allowed their children to touch it and where moms have special room for it:D

So, at this age (refused to mention) the crave has came to me. I blamed hubby for that as he keeps telling me the story about Noritake this and that. Just listen, I don't see the point. Then he brought me there. That's the moment my wishlist got lengthy:/

A few collections of Noritake. Seeing them like this, u feels nothing, right. Wait till you hold them and see how they blinded your eyes with their reflections >.< sungguh tempting >.<

Us at Noritake factory. This was during the inlaws visit in last May. 

Bahaha..ada style tak?;P

The remnants from the old factory. Tiang2 dibelakang kami itu are actually the chimneys. And the old factories..I assumed they were buried by the earth already??

Stopped by Nagoya mosque for Asar:) 
Dear Moms,
If you come to Nagoya....Noritake is a must in your list:)

Dear Dad, might need to swipe your credit card..again here :P


  1. Salam ramadhan dan selamat berpuasa :)

  2. Anum: Selamat berpuasa to u n hubby nun di Fukui:) jom kite berdoa keselamatan kite di bumi nihon ni ye:)
    Min:ehe...nice mosque huh?bile tu nk dtg lg?:D

  3. Wani where did u bought that green dress???so cute n matches our height perfectly!!!

  4. mane lagi..japan la:D dress tu lame dah.burok dah pon:D

  5. uwaaaa nk jugak noritake..u know i've never dream and never knew about noritake ni, sampaila akak2 n sedara2 duk kecoh nak beli and baru tahu kemahalannya masa g isetan klcc...tapi nagoya jauhnya huby still takmo g semata2 sebab nak beli noritake haha... sabar jela...

    semoga ada rezeki ke sana...btw luv ur C handbag n gojes dress...

  6. kt tokyo pon bykla elokle kite pegi melawat kilangnye teros:D
    pon x pedulik psl pinggan ape jadahnye ni i think i've been influenced by peer pressure jugak mcm u >.< malaysian kt nagoya ni..kalo x bwk balik bekotak2 mmg x, saye pon same le tekene impaknye juge :D xpela..mende boleh pakai lame.inshaAllah:) tp kan, hubby told me ada satu tpt lg noritake kt atas.i'll ask him again.maybe u dont hv to go till nagoya :D



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