Friday, August 5, 2011

Nagoya: Nagashima Resort

Just a few days ago, I wrote about where mummies should be heading to if you are in Nagoya. Find more about it here.

But when you are already a mummy and a daddy, you must can't stop yourself from planning places where your kids can enjoy.
No worries..I know one of the place where kepentingan the whole member of a family will be taken care of pretty well :D

Here we are..the Nagashima Resort:)
To compare the place with what we have in Malaysia..I would say..Sunway Lagoon Resort. Where we can find malls and the theme park are at one place. Even better, malls here is not just malls like aeon mall:P ahaks..this is where Nagashima outlet is located :D ahaks... Well...our visit here is actually the continuation from this post. So, the RnR was not our initial plan (at least to me>.<).

From can see the roller coaster' track. I swear it was sooo high up to the sky >.< But hubby said this is nothing. Utk budak2 je >.< idokle teman nak naik ni kot -__-"

Ehe..unfortunately the gate has closed. Are they closing at 5??so cepat >.< but we didn't planned to get in pun..becoz our aim was..the outlet :D hihi..But because we never wanna go this way when we are we decided why not this time..check out what's next available. 
So, from outside you can see there's pool and other rides. Just  like sunway lagoon offers you behind my house :D ehe...
You know Anpan man??I love the cartoon sebab boolat sgt superhero dia. Comel :D  Many friends in Toyohashi is married with kids. I saw a lot of pictures of them with their kids inside this amusement park. I was excited to see this place. It's located just next to Nagashima park tadi. However, how la for us to enter because we have no kids -__-" Comel sgt everything inside this amusement park. Babies also can play :D
Tapi bila kami sampai sahaja ke Nagashima outlet (5 minutes walk from the amusement park) photos are to be taken. can have time for other things:D, if one family wanna enjoy..Nagashima Resort is exactly the place :) Mummy and daddy gotta shop..babies and kiddos gotta play :D Enjoice!



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