Saturday, July 30, 2011

Memori RnR

From this teaser.

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That's Kariya Highway Oasis..It's just another RnR spot located in Aichi-ken. But loooook at their 'RnR'.pheww....long way to go huh Malaysia?

Well, story starts when we (hubby decided to go out no matter what I said that day:P) haha..malas nk keluar sbb panas >.<
So, finally we..made it!>.<
Start enjin kereta..keluar rumah pergi makan sushi..lepas tu..hubby tanya: "Kita ni nak kemana?"
And I was giving him the greatest facepalm ever made by my face muscle until I also feel surprised I can do such a facepalm ever :|
Then I answered: "Easy, air-conditioned place. Onegaishimasu...""Oh, and I need this, that, this..yadda yadda, beg raya, bla2.."
Hubby (while I'm still listing out my needs), terus masukkan ETC (sort of smart tag it's just that we don't need to top it up and get nervous everytime we have to pass the toll sebab takut tak cukup duit). Nagashima outlet we go!!weee!!!
Tapi sebab panas sgt that I have to constantly keep my eyes opening very small, I usually ended up sleeping in the car just after 10 minutes I ride in it:| So, tak masuk highway lagi saya telah belayar ke dunia lain :P

When I tersedar (apparently whenever the engine stops:P), I saw ferris wheel..and a place looks like a mall and many kids playing around with fountains... But that's not Nagashima Resort.

Hubby bagi arahan turun kereta (and I was mamai lagi..haha). So, I alighted while hugging my wedding anniversary present (I made him swear not to peek or touch or having any thoughts about wanting to know what it is >.<). I carried it everywhere I go okeh >.< haha..

And suddenly I was on board on one of the ferris wheel car:P haha...I didn't feel scared coz I seriously nk tido je lebih :P

Hubby insisted for his present. Hoho...
I consider that a nice place to buat acara penyampaian, I decided to finally end the era of 'going anywhere with paper bag' and just give him the bag:P haha..
Yukatta...he loves my gift :) Alhamdulillah..

And he took out a blue box from his bag.
Damn!!!!his present is 1000x better than mine >.< I don't want to talk about this anymore >.<

When I wasn't that 'nemui' anymore:)

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