Wednesday, July 27, 2011

when you are leaving

I got questioned a lot of times on how I did it (about leaving hubby with food while I'm away menuntut ilmu di Hiroshima).
After been living like this (er..cook food stock before leaving him again), I can say that..the process is not as simple as cooking whatever and leave them in the fridge.
I mean, there are a lot of things for you to consider. It will be all depending on your husband's habit and his job.
Having a husband working for Japanese company..really hard for me. Especially when you yourself studying in one university of the same country well known for their dedication towards work. Nak tak nak, kami pun kena la juga ikut cara mereka. It's true..that you have tu mengembek di kandang kambing and mengaum (eh??) di kandang harimau (betul ke nih??-__-")

Things to consider:

1) When you can only visit your husband the most once a month, purata 3 mlm every visit, you have to really think of the amount of food for that particular period.
 I am not a good cook, let alone cooking in a big amount. So, in practice, I did various cooking with acceptable amount la. Lagipun muak pulak makan lauk yang same sampai 3 minggu. Kesian..>.<

2) I also learnt from mistakes. Initially, I cooked only lauk pauk in quite big amount so I can reduce type of dishes I have to cook. When he leaves alone, balik kerje pun matahari esok dah naik kan..dah tak ada energy to cook rice, heat the food,, I decided to spare him some 'instant' food like nasi goreng, mee goreng. Freeze them and hubby has to just heat one item at a time. Fast. And seriously lagi senang kot masak nasi goreng ataupun goreng2 yang lain :P ehe..
*Tapi most of the time he ate straight from the fridge -__-"

3) Tips on storing the food: Don't store the food in a big container. Just yang sederhana so that you can do 'fill fold'. One container in chiller, and others keep in freezer. Kalau x muat freezer chiller can do. Aliquotes of food helps food to stay good longer and less messy.

4) Just make sure he gets enough nutrient from various food you left him. 

5) And always prepare lauk emergency (prefer yang beliau suka). Lauk emergency means lauk which can be eaten with anything:) 

Last time I went back, I cooked some extra dishes I just learned. ehe...
Lagipun hubby is leaving for Indonesia...I want him to miss me so bad:p 

Roti jala ^_^ anyways..these were the first try..tak sempat nak ambil gamba dah takde 3/4 portion -___-" but I did left him many2 more in the fridge. I hope he can find them ^_^

Lauk emergency. Wajib ada everytime I balik. Sambal tumis ikan bilis..
"Instant food" for him. Nasi goreng Cina (lah sangat....).

There are laksa, mee goreng and ayam masak madu I left for him for this 1 week plus before he's leaving for Indonesia. Risau how he'll eat there...Oh, beliau duduk hotel la -__-"

I know life is so complicated >.< Tapi tapi..sgt bersyukur dengan kesenangan, kesihatan, kebahagiaan dan macam2 lagi la yang Allah bagi sekarang. Alhamdulillah..

Write to you soon..very2 soon.


  1. good to know ade jugak yang tau gune freezer. hahaha.. aku suka gak masak banyak2 patuh freeze kan. esp sambal. leceh nak masak sikit2. kadang2 buat kuah lebih (kurma, kari) without ayam la, defrost kuah, patuh boh ayam dalam tuh n masak. cepatkan.

  2. hehe..yg msk kuah bebanyak tu aku mmg tgh buat kt hiroshima nih jugak:D satu sbb periuk kecik nk msk bebanyak kan.hoho..n malehnye den nk ptg bebwang sume pas balik keje T_T

  3. i remember when i leave my hubby for several weeks last year, dia pon malas nak panaskan ok.makan je sejuk2.hehe.
    oh my,duduk hotel for monthss, bosannyaaa nanti pity him :(

  4. actually dh lame die buat perangai tu i br tau..i mrhkan.x elok kan.skrg ni i mmg nk dgr die bukak microwave tu..haha..tula..kesian T___T sebulan thn lagi nam bulan.setengah tahun jauh T___T kalau i kt Malaysia xpe, femeli kwn tetibe i tecampak kt negare yg foreign juge T__T

  5. love has turned me upside down :|

  6. oh menariknye sambal...hhihihi.. nak sambal tu. suka sambal wani masak. yummy.

  7. yg peliknye kan Yoo..everytime I cook for him, my cooking turn out marvelous.kalau nk sendiri mkn atau pon korang mesti x jadik.hahaha!!



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