Saturday, July 23, 2011

What to do when your husband return home late:summer activity

I remember when I first arrived in Toyohashi just a week after our nuptial:) 
You know..not many girls are there doing engineering (compared to boys la). well, at least in Toyohashi.
I was welcomed by these girls by bringing me played fireworks by the night.haha..Sure, I didn't see anything there except..the smell. Pity mu pupils have to open as wide as they can to get me to see. But still..nothing. with seasons..they have their own activities to do during particular seasons.
For summer, there are fireworks. The show and also, fireworks sold everywhere so you can play. Don't worry, their fireworks are so much different from ours (well..I meant about the safety:P)

Last Sunday hubby has to work (yeah..people in big company has to work on weekends in this summer and have weekends on Khamis and Jumaat instead). So, I was left bored at home. So, I decided to call my friends and play fireworks (since hubby bought it and never have time to play with me).

This is the fireworks hubby bought. buying this..just imagine like you burnt away your rm50:/ 

Well..we were testing the camera..We were blinded by the total darkness of the site. I could only see the big cliff  and the sound of the waves opposing each other in position. Scary to think about it;P Unfortunately most camera couldn't worked well in such a darkness..bu my S90..always the savior :) 

With Yan...a friend who we always seek if we need helps:) She's leaving soon..then I don't know who shall I turn to if I need to surprise hubby again:P or when I need to go supa when hubby's working :(

The juniors brought a lot of fooood...

I just love this picture..bahahha

Lining up the fireworks..oh, I love mercun more..xde feel la main bunga api:D

Just after I finished my mercun pack, hubby called looking for me:P
and at the same time..I looked at Yan's face..she turned her face to me and asked me to look at the waves coming. 
I was like.."O.M.G"
Suddenly I saw (very clear) the ocean is coming towards us..the waves were so high that the sea wasn't anymore in parallel with the earth we were standing. 
Then we decided to leave. As fast as we could.
However, only me, Yan and her sister left. The rest..they were still there at that time. But I guessed nothing happened to them..if there was, eh, nauzubillah..
When I reach home, I told hubby what I just saw. And at the same time..he said "tsunami alert in Aichi-ken".
I was like "what"?? Tp ditarik balik...huu...nervous >.<
And that night I learnt about Ma-on typhoon. Oh, they are coming..hence the wild ocean.

After all, alhamdulillah..tak ada apa yang buruk berlaku. The typhoon itself never been bad to us here. They just brought hujan and strong winds around here. The place where I live now, typhoon has been good bringing the clouds to the whole city shielding us from the burning of the summer sun. 

And this is also a lesson to ask permission from your husband before you go out and play.
Hey, I did's just I hung up so quick I didn't hear what he's got to say:/

Write to you later, 
Puan Wani


  1. bestnye men hanabi k wani!org xberkesempatan pun lg...

  2. xpe Yus..mesti dh puas main mase mude mudi dulu kan??:D



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