Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My shawl system

There's this one time when I open my twitter account and found this one friend of mine (ok...it's SCR:P) discussing about 'how we keep our shawl". And because all of you sure have noticed, I wear shawl almost all the time. I know wearing shawl is so much tedious than awning style tu. However, for me who lives in foreign country, tudung awning is out of choice sebab x boleh nk dibawa solat di tepi2 jalan:D (yes, we have to perform our solat at very random places, sometimes, with people staring at you). So, if you wear tudung awning, your forehead might not be able to touch the tempat bersujud. Maka..x pela tudung awning oi..haha..Apart from that, hubby hates to the guts me wearing tudung awning. X paham sunggoh btol knapenye >.<

Oleh yang demikian, SCR telah mengesyaki bahawesenye I ada my own shawl system:P 
I saw people have started buying the loop hanger tu ye?Kat pasar malam ada banyak jual. But I really cannot use that. huhu..sebab nant menjurai2..and bila dah tarik satu..nak sangkut balik langgar yang lain2 pula..lama2 menjadi fed-up. I know I can't go with that system. 

So, apparently, my closet in my apartment provided me with small shelf hanging on its wall.

Tu die small shelf yang panjang. So, lipat tudung and make sure they are stack nicely so you can see the corak of the  shawl.
Then, after dah habis pakai, sampai rumah, bukak and lipat balik the shawl. But most of the time, I was tired..I just campak semua dlm laundry basket. On laundry day, if I feel the necessary to wash them, I'll proceed or if not, I just lipat and put it back on the shelf.
Don't worry about the messiness because since you lipat kecik2, they are so easy to grab ^_^

When you susun, make sure you can have the sneak peek of the tudung. So, you detect shawl in your mind in a instant, especially in the morning to work:D

Ok, that's all. I hope SCR satisfied with this revelation :D
If it happens you girls have other system, why don't we share here ^_^No system is better than each other. All depending on whether it suited your current needs and lifestyle.
Jya matta, minnasan ^_^


  1. good system wani...
    but cant do for our awning tudung wahaha
    hv to use d loops2

  2. ye la sayang..ni namenye shawl system :D

  3. yoo ada itu loop...beli balik hari tu. bubuh je..yoo lantak je ape ke fesyen susunan...tiada system. huhuhu

  4. wahaha..tu system la jugak tu.."takde system" :p ok la tu..wani xde pun hanger tu.and ihouse x bole sangkut suke hati >.<

  5. Wani...thanx for dis entry. Neway, dulu pun penah attempt buat mcm ni...tapi failed sbb main tarik2 n pastu berterabur. T_T Huhuhu. Jadi aku mmg x boleh la system camni. huhuhuuuuuuuuuu T_T

  6. ngahaha..aku pon beterabur jugok kdg2..bukan tudong je..ape2 yang distackkan la..so, mmg kene amek mase satu hari kemas sume balik T_T"

  7. sama. tp tiap2. minggu i susun cantik2. sbb x suka messy. sakit mata tgk shawl tinggi2 pastu sepah kan. hik3.

  8. i xleh susuh tggi2..nnt lg senang nk nk teraburkan:(



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