Friday, July 29, 2011


Here's the teaser..showing the theme for the weekend's posts :P You may find my entries for both days are....full of myself..haha..
Hence, this warning. I hope you followers will be mentally prepared with what this blog will bring you in that supposedly-relaxing-not-filled-with-unnecessary-reading weekend :D ahaks..

My Anny-card for him. Kebetulan I park my e-day ring kt situ (I dah kaver dgn tulisan..).hehe..and the blue box is ...wait jelah.haha..


  1. nice la sis..

    lama gler xbaca blog sis..busy..ngeee..
    2hr lps accident,alhamdullilah xmeragut nyawa sbb cina workshop 2 ckp tgk kerosakan kereta,i shouldnt be alive anymore..T.T



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