Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Almost there

Look at the top of my page..
There's Daisypath application..
Keeping track of days since our nuptial:)
Time flies so fast..sure all you agreed to that..
Same here..the ticker is approaching to 12 months if you notice..
Likewise..I have big problem when it comes of buying present for him..only him I got problem with:/ 
Knowing him too well making me too nervous..afraid if I get him a wrong present for our 1st anniversary.
It may be cliche for some of you..reading about anniversary..
But, I feel it in my shoes now..it is an important day. We made it!We broke many many walls...and finally reaching the the first year. It's never the end I hope..It will always be the beginning for something greater. InshaAllah..



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