Wednesday, July 20, 2011

1 Tahun

Told you I was married in the month of Syaaban. Check out this post :)
My walimah was held on Syaaban 20th and the nuptial was held a day before that; i.e. Syaaban 19th.

Guess what date is today according to Muslim calendar??^______________^
Application from iPhone-Islamic calendar
Today is Syaanban, 19th ^_^
Marking our first anniversary!!yey!!!But it's so sad we cannot celebrate it together. LDM kan T______T
Ok, I lied. We did cheating. 
You know it's been days of my hiatus from blogging??Because I am too transparent most of my friends could guessed where I was during the hiatus:P I spent my whole week in Toyohashi, 'our' first home together:)
Since he is leaving for Indonesia (excuse me, it's work related) for 6 months (i believe there will be only '+' as the standard deviation for that period) I decided to take 'ponteng' for a week. And sendiri je decide nk celebrate wedding anniversary awal dpd the date..haha..I don't care la. Just a few days awal "/ 

Since it's summer now..we had difficulties deciding where we would like to have the celebration. Hubby proposed so many places to me..and I was so malas to step out of the house..panas T_T haha...Lagipun, summer view will not be as pretty as the other seasons will give. That's why I decided to keep the interesting places to visit in our list for other seasons. It's a waste for me to go during summer:P ahaha..So, we decided just to go with the flow and enjoy the last few days we have together before he left T____T

The pengantin baru ^_^  in front of our home during hari raya last year. 

Pengantin yang x berapa nk baru in front of the same home after a year. Rumah bersejarah as our first home as married couple ^______^ 

For married couples out there who are just reaching first year like me, don't you feel one year feels's like you are just married yesterday ^_^

Oh, Sorry ya...another average mind post buat tatapan anda di hari ini:P hehe...


  1. once again, happy anniversary!

  2. bahahahahahah:P thank u..again.Pn.Syaima' :D

  3. happy anniversary too :)~
    aa my 1st anniversary lagi 1month ++ heee^^
    tp x decide nak pegi mana2 pun sbb same as u..rasa waste je kalau jalan2 time natsu ni kan..panas..heee

  4. anumu chian:kan???tp nk wat caner la hai...suami kite mmg natsu je cuti panjang yg sempat kawen:P alhamdulillah kite selamat juge diijabkabul despite of timing ye dak??btw arigatou ne~~^_*

    ammonotdelicious:arigatou gozaimashita!!!!

  5. gambar kedua nampak u lebih tinggi. herm, adakah kerana angle camera? hehehe hence, you still looked gorgeous :)

  6. wargghhh!!!adekah saye telah tinggi dlm mase setahun???o_O kalau ye, alhamdulillah :D
    oh, thanx babe..gamba muke jauh tu:P haha



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