Wednesday, July 27, 2011

R.I.P and Thank you

Browsing through pictures in my phone and found this picture, taken 2 days ago.

Can you see something like a pyramid there? and a long queue? 
I passed by this place a few times and asked my friends what is this statue?
My bad, I asked other foreigners too. Of course they also have no idea what is that. But standard answer, that's the statue for the students to get a good luck before their exams or something related to the atomic bomb tragedy. 
Two days ago when I passed by this place, I saw a people queuing to pay their respect for...guess who??
The sacrificed animals used in research!hoho...that's actually a tomb for lab rats and other animals with the same fate. 
As told by my colleague, there will be two special days for the students and researchers to pay respect at this tomb.
What amazed me was, nobody forces them to do this..and they also would not get any marks or points for this. Yet, they still spent a few minutes to pay their tribute to the..already rotten, rotting, or just died lab animals. 
This would be another proof of their honesty:)

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