Sunday, July 3, 2011

Among other things:AKB48

I have so many girl friends whom I shall say..Japanese wannabe?:P Since highschool till university.
Even I was exposed to them for quite a number of years...I had never gotten influenced :P haha..oh, not to forget my boyfriend for years (whom is now my husband) has been in Japan since then, I hadn't also gaining any special interest in this unique region; Japan. I just love..KL?haha.

I bet everybody know K-Pop. They are basically pop group like any other that we knew. Backstreet boys, N'sync. K-Pop just special coz..only men can name the list *_* 

I am not sure if there's any term J-Pop??haha..
Pop genre in Japan has been long traced back in centuries. haha..Now, a group name AKB48 is on top of the list. Like most famous K-Pop group, these group also consist of girls in short skirt. What makes they are different and highly demanded for men is..their numbers *_* Until today I am not sure how many of them are in AKB48..So, whenever they perform, they will be so many things to see *_* (I am saying this on behalf of men out there).

Apart from appealing factor, K-Pop and J-Pop are closer to the fan because of their dance move. At least I think that way. Their dance moves are also applicable to other 'normal' human beings. You can follow their dance step without the need to have the gene or dance background since 3yo :p Besides, don't you think their dance move is so cute and attempting to follow?

That's why I think they are so many videos uploaded teaching step by step of the moves for these J-Pop and K-Pop's fan. I assumed most of teenagers here will have to know the famous J-Pop dance.

Wanna try as well?

Aitakatta by AKB48. Save this video and follow the steps. Very easy. And you'll find satisfaction if you are able to follow till the end. hehe..make it as an exercise ^_^

Knowing these groups is another factor making you a Japanese :p Lol!
I am still not a big fan of them (despite of sustaining education about them from my beloved husband). However not interested I am in them..I had performed Aitakatta.. live!:P haha..

Can you spot me?

Yes..there I was..Muslimah J-Pop 

why?I will always be the over excited one *_*
Us, the new member with our Big Boss..Oh, Dr. Choon (the most left) is an exception. He's goin to graduate soon >.<

I uploaded some of the photos in the facebook and didn't mention what we were dancing to friends. But when I met them in shoukudo (canteen) all simply said we were dancing the AKB48. They easily guessed it from our attire:p
p/s: To performer our there, see..who said it's difficult to have your own image?with baju sekolah oso can make image :D

Have not yet mastering J-Pop moves? you are not yet Japanese wannabe:p yes..I am talking to you..SCR:p Lol!


  1. AKB48 tu ada 48 orang ahli as i know.. i mmg suka AKB :D sebab lagu dia banyak best2 heee..wani study cni ke dlu? now dekat hiroshima keje eh? same place dgn k.yoo ke..

  2. oh..hence d name:P
    no..not in my dream to stay here.x bagus dlm language, let alone having nihongo as the 3rd T_T
    xla..buat doctorate kt husband yang dh 10thn kt sini.thats y i hv to apply phd here..unfortunately hiroshimaT_T so, masih jauh berbatu2 dgn husband T_T

  3. hoi! ngumpat aku rupenye! hahaha

    among d things dat i cant tolerate dlm japanese/korean nye culture is pop culture. o gosh rs nk pecah telinge dgr lg j/k-pop. *_*

    *tp lagu wondergirls boleh plak layan* hahaha. im more into their rock/punk rock la babe. yg ni cm x seswai je ngn aku. hahaha

  4. suka la jugak lagu aitakatta den dah tuo nak minat sgt2. hahaha..rase tak matching. kui kui kui



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