Friday, July 1, 2011


I bet Japan fan out there must have familiar with the word onsen.
Me?I didn't know what is onsen..or there's even a word 'onsen' exist in this world..until, this one friend of mine (Malaysian. Putting his picture after-onsen..not during *_*).
So I asked him..onsen?what's that?
He said; asked Asyraff..
Then I asked my husband..and said I wanna go.
My husband told me..(this part is not approved by blogspot to be published :P)

My recent trip to Iwakuni has solved the mystery of onsen (for me):P
I'm sure you can find definition of onsen with single click.

Onsen define by Wani: hm..let's spring (if natural), or jakuzi (could be find in ryokan). You may think we could have onsen anywhere in the world..but you are wrong..'onsen' is not just about bathing in a hot tub. The way you are bathing in the hot tub well explaining onsen. Ok, to make the story short..when you get into must!must!get naked *_*, you cannot even cover yourself with towel *_*..however, some will provide you a very small towel which would be enough to cover part of your private *_*
Once you get into the tub..then nothing are allowed to be immersed in the mineralized water except your bare body *_* No towels are allowed to be immersed together or...ko nak kene halau??*_*

I was not mentally or physically prepared for this. Seriously..I had no idea what the trip was all about *_*
I was mentally not prepared when..I had to just follow the other, when we arrived, they were so excited for onsen. So I followed..and when I enter the onsen house, my jaw was literally fell on the floor and my eyelid consistently trying to close *_* I guess my brain did very well in managing these two parts of my body from obvious shock *_* Don't make me go into the details of what, well who oh well how I was welcomed into the room *_* Full of n**** ladies OoO *_* and they put no effort in know *_*

Well..the later story..I would rather keep it secret :p ehe..

Basically, here are the rules:

1. Get fully naked *_* on period?don't dream of onsen-ing
2. Wash yourself- There are sort of shower cubicles provided. A lot of them. There you have to wash yourself (soap/shampoo) like your everyday shower. If you are a Japanese comic fan, I'm very sure you will have the picture of this cubicle. From my experience, the cubicles are divided by a small wall, in front of you will be a big mirror (where you can see your whole body..and maybe this mirror helps you decide whether to go on with the onsen or not *_*). Provided there are shampoo, body soap, many2 type of lotions, many2 type of body care products. Use them as much as you like!
3. After you get washed only you can go into the pool. There, like I said..nothing other than human body are allowed to get soaked. Another thing, no, you cannot swim in the pool..the depth doesn't even allow you to swim :p
4. What do we do inside the pool??-duduk diam2 sambil borak2. They said..onsen is about soaking yourself to get the mineral.
5. When to stop soaking?- I don't know :p
6. End of soaking?- My friend said it's not encouraging to take another bath after onsen coz you may lose the minerals. When finish, dry yourself and get dressed!
7.(additional rules by me)- try not to stare more than one second at others private part *_*
8.(another additioanl rules)- cover your awkwardness by...i don't know T_T

Outdoor onsen. The exact onsen I went during my trip to Iwakuni. My first onsen was overlooking the famous  Kintai Bridge. Photo source is from the hotel website. But my colleagues said men and women pool are switched everyday. I didn't know this so, I missed the pool which according to them 10x stunner than this.

I could not get the photo of indoor onsen. The best picture resembles the one I went to.
Umebashi (correct me if I'm wrong) pickles. It has strange taste to my tongue of course. But surprisingly refreshing having them with kocha (black tea) after a hot tub session. I said, we can find onsen in other places but why Japan is so much famous for it?
What else other than because Japan volcanically active earth structure giving them a lot of natural onsen mostly found in the countryside. I bet this one lg la open *_*

In conclusion, to experience this unique culture of Japan, you must have a very high confidence of your own body :p ngahahha...and I think Japanese do have it, hence the culture :)

Now, I think eating raw is not the only factor determining your Japan-ese. There's another one..bathing naked with strangers..hehe..dare to try?

Us at the onsen spot. I know..breath taking view isn't it??:) Read more about Kintai Bridge here.


  1. wow. so nice.
    i wanna go there !!!

  2. Wani! hahahahaa XD really? O gosh....I dont know how to imagine d awkwardness. Hahahahaha.

    n "try not to stare more than one second at others private part *_*" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD

  3. Hahaha...I know how you felt masa masuk tu. First time I went also my jaw rasa mcm nak nganga je. Mata terkedip2 tak tahu nak focus kat mana. I think luckily I tak screamed. If not tak tau apa jadik. Hahahaha...mmg kena condifent la dgn body kot. If I masuk hr tu Jepun2 tu pulak nganga tgk you know what kat I. Wakakaakaka...

    Asam ni umeboshi. Ada yg masam giler ada yg sedap. Makanan kegemaran my boss ni. Macam asam boi kite. Hihihi



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