Friday, July 8, 2011

Makan berhidang-Japanese style

Something new to me, maybe something new to you.
Kalau di Malaysia, pantang ada conference ke..ape2 yang melibatkan keramaian mesti akan join sbb I love free food:D
We used to have dinner, high-tea or luncheon in round table kan?
But in here, they have it so differently. 
When I saw this, I automatically whispered; "Oh, I'm in Japan." 

The table, memang akan dihidangkan at your face all the food:D

The starter. The food usually comes in small portion. Mcm sejemput2 gitu. Major part of the servings, as you can see, the decorations.

Oh, saje nk own seating. Yuki-san always helped me with food. She will check on the food arrives whether I can eat it or not. So kind huh?:)

While others were having steak, I have to work with this huge fish head >.<

The sashimi. Coet je the portion..the rest adalah pinggan yang sangat besar :D

I don't know what's the name of this food (on the right). But I could not accept the sesame sauce taste >.< too thick>.<

All waitress are dressed in kimono. And ada geisha. 

Their style of ikan bakar.

with the sauce. And you can tell the ikan was so fresh:D

while others were having soup ape tah ada pork..they served me with this :D I can drink this a lot if it's fuyu:D but currently it's natsu (summer)..huu...I can't put something hot in my blood anymore when it's already boiled >.<

The slice of greentea cake. When you put them in your will feel like crying>.< sedappp sgt!!!

From the pictures above, you can see how their food are right?
The portion are small and just nice to make you full. Not too full (like I used to feel when I get back from occasion in Malaysia:D)
But you know, I am Malaysian, of course I enjoy Malaysian food so much better.
So, don't expect me to give fair judgement on neither Malaysian food nor Japanese food.hehe..
This post is solely to expose all of you to other culture of Japanese through my eyes:)


  1. kenyang tak wani..sebab nampak mcm sikit je kan.hehee..setakat ni byk lg japanese food yang belum rasa..huhu

  2. haha kalu makan kat msia mesti kenyang smpai perut rasa keras kann

  3. i tot this kinda seating only applied to yakuza's meeting. ok. too much drama. lol

  4. ada gak dgr psl taikai dkt hubby x ckp pape pn.tak pegi kot..huhu..x penah lg smp toyohashi..huhu



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