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This time let me start with a nasihat. For your next trip, get yourself a sort of trip diary. Now I feel frustrated that I forgot the chronolgies and all, it's hard to give a helpful answer. I usually go like.."lupa dah" although baru je beberapa bulan.

Nevertheless, I remember the places I visited. long as the pictures there. pheww..God bless who invented camera.haha..precisely digital camera! heh..

I may not be able to write everything I do, but i'll try as much.

Anyway, this time I'll write about two places you must go in Sapporo.

Historical Village, Hokkaido

Access: Go to Shin-sapporo station and take bus for Historical Village. The bus took only 10mins. so dekat. so, don't drive.
It is an outdoor museum..A spacious, huge, physically demanding kind of museum. It's like you came into an ancient village. There's sweet shop, hotels, houses, factories, fire fighters house, newspaper company, school, etc. Everything that is in a society!
But, yours truly dah penat nak balik kat rumah ke-2 je baru (that's the situation you have to deal when...wani is not interested. she will..immediately feel tired>,<)
But, not interesting to me, might be interesting to you ^_^
what made me keep walking was..I just wanna walk with him, and..yea..i eat a lot the night before, so...:'D
the views here mmg awesome. every single thing pun so interesting to be captured. Sesapa yg nk gi honeymoon tu bolehla spend masa kat sini gegolek amek gamba :')
Let's have a look around.

Lihat, punyala real perkampungan ni, siap ada public transport..yaitu kereta kuda:D


This is the silk house. sometimes, they put patung which would make me..tekejut.
and..the pakciks called me, to try on er...baju petani? They were volunteers. I think this place is mostly operated by volunteers yg terdiri daripada pakcik-pakcik and makcik-makcik. I heard that, after they retire, they would feel bored, hence the volunteering:) This is a common thing in Japan. You'll see a lot of elders volunteers in places like this.
kereta kuda station


Gakko (school)
Actually, a lot of pictures were taken. Itupun we did not see all buildings. For more, sila tengok sendiri.hahaha.
Mt. Moiwa
Access: (Susukino) Tram to Mt. Moiwa ropeway station, take the free feeder bus (basically drive you up a bit so you don't have to sweat at all. the bus ride was only 3mins! or so)..yea..basically baik naik public dpd drive. hewhew..
Ini lah bas kecik tu. The timing was so perfect, well synchronized with the tram. I don't know how else to praise these Japanese. sekecil2 perihal pun di titikberat :') no reason not to come here.
Actually, we came here twice. The first time we came was more like an impromptu visit as we got extra hours in the evening and the nearest attraction to us that time was Mt. Moiwa. Husband was quite skeptical to my idea at first. My plan for Mt. Moiwa sounded so hopeless romantic. haha.
So, the first time we came, we were told that there might not be a good view for that night. Mt. moiwa is quite high actually..It needs two ropeway trips to reach the top. So, if the weather bad, the view langsung x ada. So, the staffs keep reminding visitors about this and convinced us to come another day. Unfortunately, it was raining season for the whole week, so the probability for a clear view is almost impossible for us. The trip up is quite pricey and the attraction is the view itself. If there's no view, then, there's no point to go up. Husband listened to them anyway, so we balik. That time I started to think that I'd never climb the mountain T_T
I guess it's my rezeki next day, the sky was so clear! we go there at dawn. Dear husband was kind enough to book a table and made sure the food served are muslim friendly! That's a good thing about Japanese. They tolerate well with our beliefs, although husband had to explain quite long on the phone. pheww..

Ropeway ticket. So, there were two trips. The first trip would just carry you until the middle peak. It is not necessary to buy both trips. You could just stop halfway. Banyak attraction juga although half:) We came back down very late, so, everything close already. So, I don't know what's there.
Since we book a table at jewel restaurant, the price for the ride were included in the, what I'm trying to say here is..I don't know :p
Stunning view all the way up.
Oh, before that, you can climb on foot too. But there'll be many warnings for foxes..maybe more suitable during daylight. Me? no..daylight ke tak ke..I would rather ride the ropeway. I love my lutut k.


View on top of Mt. Moiwa:') i should have came earlier. Dapat tangkap sikit je..then..gelap T_T


Our table. In front of us is a glass wall..and Sapporo City is behind it :')


Then we jalan-jalan around the place. Basically we were hanging on top of Sapporo, looking down like a gawd :p ramai pasangan kekasih je kt sini. takde bebudak pon :p and I tell you, after just a few minutes, I felt really cranky..coz it was sooo damn cold. like super duper cold T_T
Walaupun sejuk kene buat muka sweet je sebab that was my idea after all T_T
I think this entry would be the last for Hokkaido series.
Till then, see you in another review:)




  1. oh my... this is so sweet!!! comel nya bas diaa! hehe...

  2. thank u:) the bus mmg comel sgt.too small in fact.prolly for org yg beefy akan mengalami kesukaran>,<

  3. bestnya dapat jalan2 nihong !! =)

    1. sbb mmg dok nihong!,mcm jalan2 dekat2 je la😅

  4. canteknye your jacket..beli kat mane?



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