Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Bing Bang Theory and Me

My dad told me, when I know how to watch TV, I did not watch cartoon so much. It was pretty apparent since young age, I was so loud, likes to seek for fun and laugh. However, I did not laugh to cartoons. He said I like to watch sitcoms. When think back, the memory I had was dracula, 2+1, pi mai pi mai tang tu, full house, the Nanny, etc.

Speaking of sitcoms, so my entire life, the Big Bang Theory is my no. 1 favourite.
I watch the series everyday since I started watching them. I watch them while bathing, while dressing up, while cooking, while watching TV, while watching husband sleep on skype, while studying, while commuting in shinkansen, while waiting, while cleaning the house, while doing laundry (apetah lagi lipat baju). Kesimpulannya..they are on all the time even I did not watch it. Just listening to the dialogs can make me burst into laughter. 

Anyway, I heard about the series long time ago. But that time, I was into the Nanny, two and a half men, friends, everybody loves raymond, etc. From the list, my favorites 'were' the Nanny and Everybody loves Raymond (my favorite? Robert!hahahah). Until this one year I wondered why big bang theory won so many awards in the emmy. Are they really good? They beat Modern Family (which I was into that year).
So, I decided to watch their season one (that time, season 4 was on air). Hands down!I immediately fall in love in all the characters in the pilots! Even from the pilot I can foresee how the characters gonna be so funny in the future. I straight away like Sheldon!lol xp I know...he is the supervillain. But I am a sucker when it comes to funny people :') 

I think I can call myself the BBT expert for now. gahahaha..
Let me share with you the top 10 of my favorite BBT scenes (trust me, this is cut to 10?It is hard)

1- Sheldon hugs Penny!
I heard that this scene had brought many audience into tears. First, Penny is in Sheldon's mortal enemy's list, second, Sheldon do not do touching people. He is an OCD like that. This time, Penny gave Sheldon a napkin with Leonard's Nemoy's (Sheldon's idol) signature and left Sheldon very touched gitu. But it wasn't that overwhelmed to make him hug his mortal enemy. It was until Penny told him that she is sorry the napkin was dirty because Leonard Nemoy wiped his mouth with it. Sheldon was so shocked and extremely overwhelmed because for him, Penny presented him with Leonard Nemoy's DNA so he can use it to grow his own Leonard Nemoy

2. Penny and Sheldon declare war.
Apparently Sheldon count strikes. If a person exceeds 3 strikes, he or she will be banished from his life..for a year. But they can reset the strikes early by...attending his class (which is also available online -_-"). It happened that Penny touched Sheldon's food after she forwarded an e-mail containing a talking cat to him, and later sit on his spot. In total, she scored three strikes which brought her being banished. Penny was so angry by his absurdity and decided to have revenge! 
Basically, the whole episode was hilarious!

3. Penny asked Sheldon to keep secret and Howard drugged Sheldon.
Apparently, Sheldon could not keep secret. hahaha..lawak betol. He determined to keep Penny's secret from Leonard, that he decided to move house! (he and Leonard stays together). While staying in Howard's, he was drugged and sent back to Leonard's! He later revealed the secret while feeling high. lol xp

4. Amy received a tiara!
Amy is Sheldon's girlfriend. hahahahahahaha (you'll know why I laugh if you watch the series). On this one episode, Amy was offended by Sheldon's ignorance on her achievement. In return, Amy ignored Sheldon and refused to talk to him. Sheldon was desperate and ask Penny's help. Penny told him to buy jewellery. And Sheldon bought....a tiara! -__-" 

5. Sheldon thought Penny was secretly in love with him.
Just because Penny always come to his house and called him Sweetie. Ba***** gile Sheldon nih.hahah..then when Penny said she called everyone sweetie, Sheldon called Penny a tramp.hahahahaha.

6. Penny scolded Howard so hard and later had to pujuk him.
Howard is the 'geli'-est character ever in this series. His confidence overwhelmed for what he has. Just geli je la senang..hahaha. He always hit on Penny. One day Penny scolded him that left him feeling hurt and decided to not see people for a while. But the boys needed him for robot fighting (lol xp). So, Penny had to pujuk him no matter what. See below video for the funny moment!

7. Sheldon tells Penny his plan with Amy to have a test tube baby.
Sheldon and Amy thinks they represent a higher rank of human race, so they think the combination of their genes is a gift for human race, for a brighter future. -__-" And..Sheldon asked Penny if her womb is available for rental. hahahaha..mana la minah tu tak mengamuk :p

8. Amy is feeling horny without realizing it.
OMG!!haha..lawak gila ni. Sheldon offered help to diagnose Amy's symptoms and came out with Amy being infected by alien parasite!

9. Sheldon vs. Kripky in basketball.
I love Kripky's character. I think Kripky is created to annoy Sheldon. haha..Kripky ni ada ramai je kat sekeliling kita actually. Especially di tempat kerja where we can find one or two persons who are so apparent to be competitive towards us. That is whom Kripky to Sheldon. Yang annoyingnya Kripky ni, he can't pronounce the letter 'r' and 'l' correctly. hahahahaha..Therefore, he and siri doesn't get along very well :p

10. They play Pictionary.
I never met with people who draw 'present' and 'polish' like Sheldon did. hahaha.

Hmm..based on these top 10, most of them are about Sheldon and Penny. See??I like Sheldon and Penny the most! Lol xp

Ok lah...karang kalau tambah lagi tak pergi pula korang sume rumah orang kawin. haha..
Eh, how's jerebu? ada elok sikit?

Happy Sunday! xoxo

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