Monday, June 10, 2013

Shiroi Koibito Park, Hokkaido

We arrived at our hotel at 8pm and most of the shops were already closed by that time. We were so hungry and tired then. That's why I hate flying. What we do was only sit right? but why do we feel tired and hungry??!! >,<
Anyway, it wasn't hard to find our hotel. Since this was a last minute trip (again!) we didn't have much choice. The best choice was Sunroute Hotel Sapporo. The location was so awesome. Do you know shottengai (shopping district with roof). It was located at the shottengai of Sapporo. Awesome right?
Besides, our hotel was located like 2-3mins away from the Pole Town; an underground mall connecting between Susukino metro and Odori metro. So, there's two metros you can choose! I love to choose Odori coz it is a bit farther than Susukino, so I could pass by a lot more shops on the way:') you know what I mean:p
Another great thing was, airport limo stop just in front of the hotel. So, no need la to risau rushing2 with all ur luggages later. Plus, in Japan they keep time like so tepat, sometimes 2 seconds early (speaking of my pengalaman tetinggal shinkansen T-T).
Anyway, on the second day when we wake up, we was like..what's the plan for today? apparently both of us, tak ada plan T_T
We didn't even decide whether to get a car or to travel by train. Most people adviced us to get a car. So, husband called around and we got a car despite of it being holiday season. lagi awesome pasal hotel ni, there's also a rental car service at its parking space! ^_^
with our ride. the only choice left. Im ok with it, unlike the guy in the picture la -_-"
So, dah naik kereta we were like..err..where to go? we refer to the car gps, and we! shiroi koibito park is just like 10 minutes away! So, terusla ke sini :D

View outside shiroi koibito park.

So, what is this place? I had no idea at first, but after the visit, I'd say..this p

place simply a chocolate factory (again?!I know right??). I mean a pretty chocolate factory, located in a building of many museums like musical instruments, etc. Ada show juga you can enter. There's chocolate making class, where you can register and make chocolate for your loved ones. I wanted to but then changed my mind because like 90% of the participants were children >,< basically, it was like visiting willy wonka chocolate factory in the movie!

The only gambar yg sesuai utk tatapan umum, despite face :|
supposedly enjoying their chocolate drink. But no, I had to have my coffee. But we had chocolate cakes :D
The chocolate factory I just described. I don't feel this interesting at all. But, what interest me was looking at husband analyzing the processes, etc. geez..

The inside of the building was like a French Royal Home gitu. Cantik!

This is no option. Before you can enter the building, you will be given a pasport, and your picture would be taken. Don't worry, you can ask them to use your camera instead :')
Finally, some of the views for you :)


Ok, till then, I'll see you for what is the ultimate purpose for you to come to Hokkaido:)


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