Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dining in Hokkaido-Cheese!


Last time I stop at seafood. I hope the review could help you get a picture of what Hokkaido is all about (for men, that is food!)

As I mentioned before, I was mostly looking forward to let myself loose on a green field besides white cows with huge black spots, like what we've always see on a milk's box :p My imagination went like, I would help around carrying the freshly squeezed milk and could finally drink the freshest milk ever (not like u can be allowed to drink straight tau.haha)

So, of course one thing I look forward to do in Hokkaido was indulging their produk tenusu like cheese and...susu! anyway, it was actually including the meat, but of course la we muslims are forbidden. So, we stick to susu and cheese je k. Yogurt pun, but yours truly is not a big fan of.

Cheese..all we had in mind was..italian food. Banyak je restaurant Italian especially because we jalan-jalan most of the time around Sapporo je. Our hotel pun memang tengah-tengah (gile) Sapporo city. But, we can't waste any time. It's like no space for mistake in making decision bab-bab makan ni. haha..kalau dah penuh, agak payah la nk cuba yang, bagusnya Jepun ni, u ols taip aje la kat google tu 'famous dining place in Sapporo' (contohla..ayat carian boleh dirombak mengikut keselesaan anda). So, we did! Following the result, we were brought to Sapporo eki (Sapporo station), to an Italiam restaurant name Circo. According to the ranking given in the website, this restaurant is number 1!lol xp

This kedai is located on the 3rd floor (kot) x ingat. But u wouldn't find it by the roadside, you have to keep your eyes on the papan-papan tanda on the building. But basically, it was just opposite Sapporo eki (however, the eki is so huge..and I'm pretty sure this wouldn't help :p) haha.

Let's have a look!

The open kitchen. Kita boleh je gi kat dia tgk dia prepare our order (nobody I saw doing that though)
Ni kat depan pintu masuk. pasta maker. Freshly made following orders!
Pizza kitchen. Dapur batu
Because we were very blur, we asked their recommendation. But we tell them, we would like to try hokkaido cheese. So, they recommend us cheese fondue and pizza of the season.
The cheese fondue. Yours truly is not a big fan of fondue..but this one I can eat. In fact I like it! My favorite was sweet poptato deep in fondue! Well, maybe it's the cheese? I don't know.haha
Their seasonal pizza. That time was kani (ketam) pizza, with lotsa cheese on top!! Their all time specialities was their tomato pizza (i forgot the name, mane margharita?). Memule tak heran pon tomato2 ni..sekali makan..wowss!!the tomato was indeed so different! I don't know how to explain it. It was so sweet! So, the pizza tu tak cukup la at the end. hahah
Two days later, I miss the pizza, so hubby had to bring me here again..this time, I want the whole pan for myself :P lihat! Basically the best pizza I ever had. The dough is perfect, cheese was marvellous!

Interior. Every food akan dipresent bebaik punya..some of presentation I put them in keek. hihihi

Susu pulak..actually we tried a few.This one in glass bottle was the first one. We instantly fell in love and we basically drink this like water! Tapi yours truly tak gemok pulak...husband?Hard to tell..haha
Oh, another thing I sgt amazeballs...*drumrolls*ichigo miruku!!! (strawberry milk!) but I think it wasn't right to complement solely the kedai la..because I think the susu already sedap as it is. Tapi I never had think of this! we can simply dump a lightly crushed strawberries in a glass of fresh milk...and wallah!

As of omiyage (souvenirs), mashaAllah...banyak sgt rasa nak beli. Like above example, the cheese (which I found it ridicuclously expensive), cakes (because of their butter, most of their cakes are awesome), butters, and..etc (suddenly I got writer's block). we bought susu yg mendapat gelaran golden award.haha..but I prefers yang kat atas tadi. It is more drinkable than the golden one. haha..

Till then, see you soon! xoxo



  1. Hi Wani, I enjoy reading your blog especially your journey in Japan. I'm living in Taiwan now and hardly find halal food here (and I cannot speak Mandarin too). If you don't mind, I would like to ask you whether miso is halal or not? Sometime I would like to buy japanese miso and use it at my kitchen. Here in Taiwan, we easily find japanese groceries such as miso, fish cake, etc. etc. I would like to hear your recommendation. Thank you...

  2. Hi Ana.nice to meet u.anyway thank you for reading.
    you live in Taiwan?which part?
    anyway, miso paste not all halal, sometimes contains mirin. But most of them are halal. You just have to know the kanji for mirin. Same goes to fish cake. Sometimes they put mirin. But not all.
    It would be difficult at first, but once you can identify them, it would be a breeze:) good luck!

  3. bestnyaa. pizza looks yummy tp susu cheese tu yeks i tak minum susu and tak brp gemar cheese haha. macamanela kalau i pregnant nanti nak minum susu. the deco sangat lawaa :D

  4. i pon actually.hehe.kalo nk beli stok kt rumah gitu mmg x pernah since ini one of the attraction mestilah dicoba :D



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