Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kitchen tedious

Salam ladies...

hehe..Surprise2..so many updates in one morning;p All thank to SCR who has taught me on how to preserve your idea until you found the computer;p haha..

Yes, I am so miserable to live alone in a foreign country, especially in which they could not at all speak english T_T..
Oh yes, the miserableness will get doubled when you are a newly-happily-married woman that has to live separately from your husband which is also the same guy you had fallen for, for the past 10 years T_T

Now, I have two kitchens to manage. I find it fun cz I got two kitchens to be messing around;p ahaha...

The thing that I noticed that is a lil bit different from Malaysia and I found it brilliant is this thing:

The sieve paper pocket??

And this two small 'basket'?

I don't know how your mother at home managing their sink cleanliness. But, my mom spare a small basket at the side and also hang a small plastic bag on the window;p ahahha..

In Japan however, they have these 4 things in their kitchen. It's a must and is sold everywhere.

The two sieve pockets are actually the cover for the two 'baskets' and located as shown.
I found this idea was brilliant;) haha..I don't know if you guys have seen this in Malaysia..But I had never T_T..
By doing this, your sink will remain clean and the basket2 itu pon clean..no dirt are stuck in the tiny2 holes tu;) hihi..
Will definitely do this when I have my own house in Malaysia later;)

Oh, saje letak to share with you guys my new kitchen. Everything is already in place and I really enjoy my own cooking (since most of the food here is TAK HALAL T_T)

Will do share with you guys the other tips that I found 'sugoi!!!' in later post;)


  1. It's brilliant! Let's start this thing in Malaysia as well! save the sinki! save the planet! hahaha XD

  2. haha..btol tu..xdela mende2alah hanyut dlm air sungai kite...longkang pon x busok..sekian;p

  3. memang sgt patut! tapi memang kite semua kat rumah xbagi ape2 hanyut kan. sebab xnak clog sink. tapi much better kalau pakai tapis mcm tuh ek. sonang kijo.

  4. itula pasa ee...brilliant idea..actually idea die simple je..tp die ade initaitive nk jual mende ni kan??umah aku x penah nk clot sinki sbb sumenye akan ke longkang tros..die xde trapper;p



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