Thursday, July 29, 2010

The banner-finally=)

Salam lovelies..

It's so late already. I just finished packing cake slices for the doorgift. Sakitnye pinggang T_T..
Jerawats getting worse.
So, the tips here, prepare with the most expensive ubat jerawat ever k!
U will be in a very deep stress. Even u tried to be under control, but ur body is not easy to get cheated.
If u r tired, ur body will respond immediately T_T..get enuf rest (haha..try telling that to mysef!)
Ok, enuf2..
I just want to share with u guys the banner that I'll put at the gate.

So, if u guys see this banner, that's my wedding going on lah.ahaha..

Hope to see u guys there!^_^

Yes, people usually called me Wani. In some special case, I am well-known s Boyan;p


  1. nice banner u have. the word LOVE tu betul ke tipu? :D

  2. k.lina:time kaseh;) c u there nnt;) gamba n him ni dh jd fav among our, i chose ni they insisted me to use this one T_T huuu
    btw, timekaseh;)

  3. omaigod i sukaaaaa!!! ni la yang bape kali trial and error yang SCR tlg editkan tu aite?

  4. SCR:tgh angkat tgn ni=p ahaaha..d idea was mine..d execution by designer=p ahahahah
    kay:err..tak=p tp gamba tu die insist.kalo x, nnt banner kene koyak=( hahaahha

  5. salam..
    wat a nice blog especially 'our true love story' entry. a long one though but it's fun to read it.
    congratulations for the reunion of 2 souls. may allah bless both of you with countless of happiness..

    p/s : i just wanna ask y some ppl called u 'boyan'. as far as i know, boyan is 1 of the indonesian tribe. My father is a boyanese, so i am too =)

  6. miss cheezycake:thank u for the compliment.sorry that I am not a good writer. I hope u cud understand the story well=)
    oh, about the name..ramai tanye either the name related dgn indonesian tribe-boyan. The answer is NO.Boyan came from Buyam (Ibu ayam-as I had a very loud mouth in the class=p). Hope that clears well=) Sorry for the late reply coz I x perasan u comment kt sini..hihi

  7. thank u..mende alah ini sudah tidak dapat dikesan.dem!



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