Monday, July 5, 2010

wedding of the year??

Salam darlings...

Anyways, it's a very tiring day fer me.
My day cells actually active at 130, when v bertolak to Sab's wedding. The wedding is so beautiful.Just like d one that i've wanted. That's how I love her. It's becos I think, v like most on d same thing;) hehe..ok, leave it there. She looks sooo happy td. n of course la pretty.. ^_^

This post is just to tell all of u that, my wedding is not like most of the b2b out there. That's y i wud prefer to call mysef a NO bridezilla=pCz, I really wanted a small ceremony. I wud spend most of allocation on food cz i want more people to come. I am trying so hard to please evryone. My family, my FIL family n of course my friends. So, I wud do a lil here and there so that they wont talk back about my day. Oh, of course they will...but at least i can minimize the risk=p.

Many of my frens were saying that my w-day will b a wedding of the year. Glad to hear that. But, I hope u guys didn't mean it to say that it will b a big, grand one. Cz u wont see any. I just hoping everyone to come, stuffed ursef, n share d moment wit us=)

I'm trying to cut cost here n there cz right now i realized that, there r a lot of things coming out in a last minute that I didn't think it will happen. huh T_T pity my fiance to set up a complete home for us in Japan (yes, d most expensive country in terms of daily expenses). I am soooo guilty in making him do this =(... I hope I can do well enuf to help him start our life together.. (oh, I hope I have less lust..not 9 T_T).

B2b, who doesn't mind to wear her e-day's dress on her solemnization;


  1. I understand dear, too high expectations huh? No worries. Do your best for this. Not for any1 else...but for u and sonn. At the end, everything will come together. Good luck. ^_^

  2. bagus gak ko pakai baju tunang ko wanie.. at least, xde la terperap dlm almari.. baru pakai sekali kan.. gud².. x yah nak membazir.. klu aku x dpt sewa baju pun aku pakai je baju tunang.. x kuasa nk buat baru.. huhu..



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