Thursday, July 22, 2010

I got showered!-special entry for two angels;)

Salam lovelies..

Yesterday was a very..i must say..touching day for me. But, I'm glad cz I knew that so many people actually love me..sob2..
I lov u guys so deeply until I couldn't said thank u properly...
I don't think that the word 'thank you' can explain well how i appreciate ur doings=(
However, THANK YOU =)

My day started very gloomy when I have to go to Plaza GM (I didn't know where d hell it was at first). BUt i managed to find it without sesat. But d Chow Kit!!No wonder I never dreamed of going there. Seriously, brg kt sane wayyyyyyyyyyyy murah. For those who'd like to do business, u must try find stock there. All kedai borong. But I just can't stand such situation. So sesak n scary plus creepy. The polices are everywhere.

Ok, then, my FMIL called. Ajak pegi meeting with our w-planner.

Before that, I have to send my mom for her check-up session. There, I met "Makcik" (the name I called for this one makcik pengurus pusat tusyen. I was d teacher at d tuition center for few years. But this year, x aja). She was so surprised to see me. I have never came to visit her. Then she hugged me n cried!She hugged me so tight. I didn't know how to react. She said she missed me=( when I told her that Im gona move to Japan..she hugged me again T_T..I was so touched and at the same time very clueless..Is that how Makcik really loves me??Owh..T_T

Then, i went to w-planner.
U know, actually I am a BAJULESS perantin!haishh..I know=(
My baju nikah suddenly they said they didn't do (it's a very long story on this..I'm thinking of putting special post on this later).
But, to let everybody live in peace, I just pick d baju in d boutique je. Lucky me..there's this baju yg gojes really fits my body. No alteration??o_O (jrg2 berlaku cz I am so petite..ahahha)

At 8 I arrived at d TGI Friday's d Curve.
Pity the two ladies hv to wait for me.
At first, they look normal..
Then the surprises started..
They crowned me, made me wear a sash (which ws so lovely) and handed me a bouquet of pink rosess!! Owhh..I was so speechless=(Then all the staff there made me sing..
I got mental block!then i sang tepuk amai2 (crap!)
I gave speech n they made me tiup lilin which was 1metre away..I was almost spitting T_T

D crown, roses n d self-made sash (d sash bole masok malaysian book of record cz no benang n jarum was used along d process;p u cn see gam tumpah2 quite clear..haha)

It's been a long time since I felt this happy in my entire ADULT life.
I would like to thank you these two special ladies who have made me smile n cried all night=)

The two wonderful girls!

Part of the moment recorded;)


  1. ai..salam perkenalan..hve been ur follower..sweet nye sash u =p

  2. hi iedayah;)
    salam pekenalan in return.
    sweetkan?but the sash sush nk snap full kt my body cz i happened to b petite T_T



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