Thursday, July 1, 2010

La Senza Sale

Salam all..

Jerawats are attacking my FACE!!
I hate it T_T
So I have to spend a lot for d medication.
For the past 25 years of my life, I have neve had more than 2 jerawats at a time (usually once in a month, n sometimes none at all T_T).
The shiseido's counter ladies pon tekejot tgk my face T_T cz usually mine was flawless=p She said I'm in stressed that I don't realized it.
Probably..But, it's not the wedding..
It's the thesis T_T

After a long waiting...I got some..but too some to make sure that i'll be finishing in no time soon..*sigh*
So, me n my fren went to watch Knight n Day..haha...bes2..okla..i gave 3 stars (out of 5) *oh, my rating's KPI usually are high*
My fren ni I can say that..she's a ratu La Senza.ahaha...all of her lingerie are la Senza.sume 'anak2' die mmg cantik la kan..
Of course la she's a member..
She told me: La Senza Sale willl start today..and member's special price are until the forth day=)

So..whoever your fren yg ade member card, go drag them to the nearest La Senza!haha..
Go buy something for your future 'husband'!

Dorang mesti nk yg mcm ni=p ahaahha Source: La Senza

My regular La Senza store??of course la at The Gardens;)


  1. looking for that kind of lingerie. :p btw..non member pun ada sale jgk ke?

  2. ade if u r member, u'll save a lot.for me, i dont have to b my fren n my sis r, pinjam je kad dorang atau bwk dorang skali..=p

  3. oh hana, for us pn dh sexy T_T let alone our husben=p hahaha

  4. parasite diri pegi ngn u

  5. ngehehe..i'll b going tomoro (ingat nk g harini but d host a.k.a card holder bz harini T_T)

  6. nah... sure no size for me... im a wacoal kinda girl...

  7. zara:haha...ala zara..go find something yg no need u to really fit into it la;) but wacoal pon not bad;p



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