Monday, July 12, 2010

The map;)

Salam guys..

U know u all are invited rite??
If u guys would like to receive my invitation card, please don't hesitate to leave me ur address;)
But for those who'd like to go green, here's the map to the wedding.
Really happy to share my wedding day with all of you who's been with me during ups and down;)

Map to the bride's reception (1/8)

Map to the groom's reception (7/8)

B2b who'd like to leave a ur prep as soon as possible. Don't postpone even the thing is sooo remeh T_T huuu


  1. insya-allah tade aral dimana2 provided lects tak gatal nk wat exams isnin dpannye ill make an appearance okay...

    ade kne pakai baju kaler pepe ke? *smgt lol*

  2. haha..its ok..u have two options there;)
    baju kale pape bleh je..(my majlis rasenye kaleful kot T_T)

  3. gelap la ur me blh?



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