Tuesday, July 13, 2010

wedding of my dream

Salam ladies..

Last week I went to a wedding of my fren back in UM..She's got a blog too..in fact its very popular;)
Her nikah ceremony was held 4 month before that. And it was beautiful. I must say that its indeed in our imagination..in my case..i can only imagine je la..hahaa..n well executed;) nk imagine jugak??ok2..die mcm dlm ayat2 cinte muvi;) but..slightly prettier than in d muvi cz this one is live!

oke2..back to the reception story..
The reception was held at the Seri Pacific Hotel. So, it's a hotel..people expect it to be grande!
but, turned out..the people were wrong. It was a very simple ceremony..but so meriah!!just like what I want for my wedding!I am so jealous (jeles yg positif yee..) cz she managed to execute it well..huu..I am so proud of her and her family. That's what I gota say. I really want my wedding to be ringkas..but a lot of people are coming. I just want to meet all of u there. I don't care about the flowers who eventually will die!lol!
huuuuuuuu.........T_T how i wish my mom thinks like me T_T

Finally, it's me and them at d wedding;) MasyaAllah..beliau mmg gojes setiap mase..

b2b who always in last minute T_T


  1. ini majlis bertandang sab kan? hihi..cantek!

  2. eh no..this was her reception.bertandang i x pegi..

  3. i sgt suka sab's nikah..the nikah altar was GORGEOUS..and sab cntik mcm wardina.hehe

  4. hehe..see..she's so famous;) yer..mmg segojes penantin dienye dais tuh..



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