Tuesday, July 27, 2010

impianku berkecai lagi T_T

Salam ladies T_T

First of all..I was so depressed!cz I just changed the whole setting for my dais. Reason??cz my mom n me just knew that d hall is sooooo tiny minnie T-T uhuhuu..too late to change. We'v been cheated by the hugeness from outside.

But, never mind. I chose this hall because it's near to my house (yela, its my housing area's hall). So, it is easily accessible to my neighbors n my relatives. I love the home concept too. Plus, my neighbor pon dh jd like my family since my dad passed away. Most of them are too old to put them into troubles going to far2 away dewan. I want them to be comfortable especially I'm doing this for my mum. She wanted the wedding at the first place pn.

At first, I thought d hall was a two badminton court's size. I went there last Saturday, it's just one T-T ..huuuu..I can't tell u how devastated I was. So, the setting discussed at first wit my decorator hs to be altered from A-Z. So, no roman-style for me T-T

This is the hall that I'm gona use. 2 minutes from my house=p ahahah

So, the hall is small. We have came out with plan B.
The plan is..tambah kemah.
So, my wedding will have two parts, the formal event will b held in the hall..n d santai2 will b outside. I think it's quite acceptable to have the concept despite of my ruined DAIS T_T

Well girls..please pray for the weather to like me, okay=)

Oh oh..remember, wedding isn't just all about u.


  1. bumbung dewan itu buat saya jaduh hati...u tak payah guna dah underlayer...hehe
    btw.good luck beb

  2. yeke?tula..d dewan itsef tu dh cantek..but d size so kecikla..xpela kan..asalkan easy to access;)

  3. I love that idea too. santai2 depan dewan. Good one wani. ^_^

  4. masa ko book dewan tu ko x masuk tgk? xpe la, yg penting meriah.. :) go wanie!

  5. wani..sorry tak dapat datang..harap2 cuaca baik..semoga everything berjalan lancar,..tak yah pk2 sangat kalau ade bende tak perfect..nanti tambah serabut....be happy! yang penting u nampak gohjes on ur big day! dah, dah..dont put any stress on urself..:)

    welcome to the club..



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