Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It shud b plain!in shud b pink!

Salam all..

I've been in searching for pink paper bag for quite sometime. I'm asking for a pink..n must be plain. tp susah sgt nk jmpe=( everywhere ade corak2 yg for now xde lg yg bekenan T-T..huuu..actually, they were bukan x cantek..they are just out of my target..

So, i decided to fold them mysef!
Alhamdulillah..the job is quite easy...i target to finish folding all in 3 nights. InsyaAllah..
Here's some of it;)

Sgt senang ..n surprisingly...jauh sgt2 murah!!!Alhamdulillah..
tp i think i larat fold for nikah gifts je kot T_T..huhu..

I cant thank my mom and aunties enuf for their love on me. Thanks a million!


  1. how u do that? tak pernah terpk nak buat sendiri paper bag tau. macam susah jer :D

  2. ala my..sonang yo..
    beli paper bundle2..pastu potong2 n lipat2...size tu try n error;) total cost dlm rm12;)

  3. dear, total cost tu untuk berapa paper bag tu??
    buat laa step by step uuu

  4. elya:total cost..i buat 100 pieces..roughly dlm rm15.
    step by step??yesh!thinking to do it later;) wait naaaa...



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