Friday, July 2, 2010

Damn expensive!

Salam ladies,

I just bought setem for d w-card. I was so shock n rase one card costs 80 cents??that's so ridiculous!!i think company card will go bankrup cz people will tend to use electronic mail then!naek more than 100%??S*&%%$!!

hundreds just for stem T_T ..budget lari T_T

It's ok darlings...i will still sending u all the cards=) wait patiently k.
*kalau x sampai jgk kad ni..siap la POS MAS!* hahah

B2B who loves her w-card=p


  1. omg queen! i pun baru tau ni.
    memang damn expensive! tak SUKE

    naseb baik i tak pos lagi ni T_T

  2. maira:tebalik da..pttnye menyesal x pos awal2..sbb die baruuuu je naik T_T
    SCR:sabo jela...purate harge kad rm2 T-T huuu..darab la senirik



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