Friday, July 30, 2010

my deja vu

Salam loves..
my eyes dh swollen cz of too much crying. I was bursting into tears when I tried on my reception dress. The dress was hancus!!I felt like wearing a costume! It's unforgiven!

I took a wedding package, with a new dress included. I know the dress wont be fully mine. But, the tailor shud make according to my size.If ever she wanted to be creative, I shall not looks like a mascot wearing mono size of a mascot!

I think I really understand how Aim feels when her nikah outfit was ruined by the tailor=(

Really hopes they'll realize how much I hate to wear it when they see me cried=( I didn't deliberately pour my's just happen!So embarrased when everybody saw me cried becoz of the baju. And yet they's late already..nothing much they can do..while I sent all d designs, the kain in early May.

Now, who's to blame??

But, knowing mysef, finding someone to be blamed is just waste of time.

Now, I need plan B.

B2b who's always pray that everything will going on smooth for her wedding..
and thinks to achieve perfectness, there's challenges to be faced prior to that;


  1. OMG wani...sorry to hear that. Hope your plan B will work out. Jangan nangis2. Pray hard dear.

  2. sabar ye wani.. i wish i could help u..

  3. owhh dear..sorry to hear that..just a thought..maybe sempat lagi u nak pegi sewa ke ape..or pilih dress lain dari kedai tu? hope everything turns out great soon.

  4. omg dear. sorry to hear about your dress. ok i have a suggestions. option 1 u paksa dia carikan u a new baju from her own collection ke apa. option 2. u try add up accessories mcm ribbon ke apa utk enhancekan the look of the baju. gud luck dear. i pray u nuthin but best of luck for ur dress and ur wedding. *hugs*

  5. wani..sorry to hear about ur baju. mtk dia tkr baju lain. use ur bridezilla veto. heehee..jgn nanges2 ok!

  6. oh my. wani, i hope everything is ok by now.. kalau tak boleh nak terima jugak baju tu, please cari/sewa baju lain. so that ull be happy on ur BIG day. InsyaAllah.. *hugs*

  7. OMG sgt nightmare tailor u tu... gile btul... pls ikut ckp cikbelle..


    sile update blog anda ye. hehe

  9. omg, wut actually happen dear?
    disaster sangat ke? sabar keh.hope u are damn ok by now.

  10. wani..congratz! welcome to the club. :)



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