Tuesday, July 20, 2010

once upon a time..in the year 2000;)

Salam ladies!!

My mission for bilik pengantin was quite different when most of my bajus were put inside a HUGE luggage..huu T_T pindah teros (mcm masyarakat melayu Afrika pule..). So, while kemas2, mmg sume harte karun pon terjumpela..termasok la dedication notes mase skolah2 dulu=p hihi..

Oh, my gosh..I've forgotten dah. I got a book of dedication notes. Most of them I didn't even remembered who!haha (yela, most of them was using nick names..for example peminat MM..sape nk tau sape tu peminat MM??=|)

Among all pieces, I was smiling when I saw this. haha..

This was the note stuck to an ice-cream dedication. I knew I'll get one even before the day they distributed the dedication. Cz a friend of mine (my dormmate) was screaming like crazee on this one nite, telling me that 'this particular guy' sent me a dedication (the dedication was organized by her class..so she knew).

At that moment, seriously..I don't give a damn;p haha..
Until..I saw the dedication..
Ade ke org suroh bls??teros terang tules suroh balas??haha..
So, among many dedications I had received (ceh..xdela byk mane;p), this one has caught my attention (tsk2..sgt kotor skali taktik ini budak;p)

So, I replied this dedication with..er..I cant remember cz I was rarely dedicate anything to anybody;p ngahahaha..

And now, in 2 weeks I'll be his wife;)

All this happened when we are in form 4..so, do ur maths;p

* Is it normal??cz I really feel overwhelming with lov..I didn't do anything!neither does him!


  1. and that is the real meaning of love dear =))

    panjang jodoh kamu dengan si dia. pray for u! :)

  2. lol so suweet... its great to be marrying ur bes fren kan? *cz i am too!*

  3. sweet... teringat zaman dulu2.. haha.. my school panggil menda2 ni request.. Well, I think so..

  4. hehe sweetnye.. hehe..

    cite2 camni lah yg bleh kita kenang sampai ke tua nnt. cite kat anak2 hehe

  5. hihi..baca post ni..teringat kat diri sendiri..ive got the notes2 thingy since I was 14 i guess..hehe..en tunang dulu jiran hana..so, dia selalu pos2 surat, kad bagai melalui jiran2..hahaha..

  6. mysarah:owh, thnak u;)
    kay:yesh..no boundaries;)
    cikbelle: haha..sweet ke??at first bengang je dpt mende cani=p
    SK:yup2..tu psl i decide to post this thing. Afraid i might lose this again;]
    hana:hahak..zaman dulu2 xde fb=p

  7. Ni mesti dedication class alin ni. ke paie? haha. BEstkan bile mengenang balik zaman2 memule nak becinta. hahaha XD

  8. hahahha...nice one...tapi taktik dia menjadi la juga sbb dpt ur attention..mesti dia rasa tak nyesal aku malukan diri buat didikasi mcm tu!!!:-)...

  9. SCR:kelas alin..kelas paie ade dedication ke??hoho..x ingat..yg ni ingat la..hihi
    camp:tula..walopon muke tebal mcm buku text dah aheynye eskem itu mendatangkan hasil;)

  10. sweet like the eskrem...hehe. cantek jugak tolisannye. :) haha..lawak gak siap srh balas.

  11. tulisan tu tulisan budak kelas yg anjurkan dedication la..haha..beliau hanye tulis ucapan tu kt borang je=p ahaha..
    yeah..kalo tunjok kt die balik ni kompem malu..haha



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