Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bekas telur-teaser

Salam lovelies..

Harini abes kuku i sbb cabot tande harge=( huhu......dh x sekate..mcm komfem je kene pakai inai T_T..
Telur is my wajib doorgift. I have to give out telor cz my mom insisted to do so. But, insyaAllah..i'll also gives out something else to add to the telur..insyAllah...almaklumlah..bajet kecik t_T..

Ok, again, becz of bajet kecik..i cannot dream of having fancy bekas telur. I could only chose based on the price. So, here's the bekas telur that u'll get nnt;) tp..x cukop T_T..hv to go find at other branches later. Pray la supaye other branches ade stock T_T..

The sneek peak;)

Got 'the knot' today...MasyaAllah...it is soo pretty;) but my mom hate it T_T


  1. i suke i suke! hehe.. comel bekas telur ni.. =))

  2. if u couldn't find the stock for that songket box, I do have them..i mean my mom company. boleh tgk kat http://beaucraft-ku.blogspot.com. boleh lah kalo nak mintak quo from them.


  3. cik belle:haha..thank u..biase je..;p
    hana:oh yeke?if i ask from u je tros bole??



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