Tuesday, July 13, 2010

corsage for penanggah

Salam ladies..

Sure most of us in KL will hire caterer for the wedding rite? So am I..
But, my mom asked me to do a few corsages just in case if there's people helping around but they are not relatives. This was usually happened in my housing area where we've got a few people yg sgt ringan tulang..n also few neighbors yg sgt helpful. So, y don't v honor them with a small token of appreciation;)

Because of this is a last minute thing, I was just using leftovers here n there. Sorry para penanggah sekalian T-T..i really am broke T_T huuu..

Here's how it looks;) I know its not pretty..but i guess this will do;p

Oh, tp sbb gune leftovers..x cukop..esok kene g kedai beli lg bahan2 mentah T-T
n d towels...

Oh, Im so last minute!

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