Monday, July 5, 2010

Hukum Ukiran Inai

Salam lovelies..
I've been telling everyone that i don't wanna apply any inais. Cz I don't like d colour. Maybe becz d colour is orange kot..n i'm not a big fan=p if it's pink maybe i will wear it on everyday basis=p haha..

So, I post about me will not b wearing any inai on my fb wall. Got so many responses. Most of them didn't understand y do i wanna make things difficult..urgghh..

A few of them said to me tht I shudn't b worried cz ukiran inai is HARAM..

During that time, for me it's a very gud point to tell my mom later (when surely i'll be forced to apply).
But, I was thinking..if it is haram..n y alllll (in purata la..) brides applied inai rite?

So, i googled.

There's so many discussions about this. Some said it is definitely haram and dilaknat if v ukir inai (cz it's like tattoo..), some said it harus..

So, I decided to visit the Portal Rasmi Fatwa Malaysia.

Based on their muzakarah, hukum memakai inai adalah harus...
For inai ukir, as long as is it based on the plant's element, then it is ok.

To make urself clear about this issue, you guys can just click on the above link;)
So, now I am little convinced to apply inai ukir...=) n i want it like this;p

sgt minimal..brla rele nk pakai T_T (source:Google)

B2b who's so worried to b a wife..T_T


  1. I just read in last Metro Ahad (if I'm not mistaken)...

    Ustzh Mashitah replied to one of her correspondence regerding the hukun inai ukir2 ni. She said it's harus for a women to wear henna. The ukiran pulak mesti hanya bunga & daun2 je. Binatang2 xboleh sebab menyerupai tatu.

    So..wear it if u want to. I prefer the normal henna without the ukiran. Sebab ukiran tu lambat laun messy bile dah nak hilang. hehe

  2. i like the ukiran..sgt suke sbb bile lagi gatal nk ltak aite? hehe

  3. pulak dont like my nails to b coloured=p lov ukiran..but not tooo much;)

  4. ukiran kt jari mcm tu cantek lah..hehee..mmg sgt2 simple! nk tiru lah! blh? (tu pun if terbukak hati nk berinai)..heehee

  5. i opt for simplest i x wat pon ukir2 my mom x bagi.kalo u suke u buat la

  6. i ada baca paper...tulisan by Dr.Mashitah. Hukum memakai inai/lukis...adalah harus. Tapi haruslah bungan dan daun sahaja. Bentuk lain tidak boleh.

  7. msB:kite mengalami masalah yg same kn??nk tiru??dialu2kan ^_^
    reyna:i x dela my mom expect me to do T_T
    awen:yes, u r same with skylarz;) thnks



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