Friday, July 2, 2010

Lawatan ke Romantika

Salam ladies..

The day is getting nearer. So, I've started to think about my bilik pengantin's decorations. Of course i would like to keep it minimal. Oh, not because I love minimal's just my budget on this is veryyyyyyyyyyyyy minimum T_T haha..

I don't know where to start. But, somehow, these past few weeks, people were telling me about Romantika. It's a kedai like KK deco. But..cheaper kot;p n a lil bit different. again...a lil bit..n
Ok. went there las weekend.
nobody wud like to take part in this task. Looks like it=(
So, I just went there randomly without knowing what to buy T_T
A few things that I considered to buy..but put it back. Why??cz I don't know what to buy T_T
These were the few things tht I left it there;p

lov roses..suitable to be hanged at kepale katil..or pintu..its a piece of attraction..there's piink crytal hanging (but i cudn't captured the image well T_T..) and also locengs;) rm25
Put this one back at the last minute since I got another idea suddenly T_T

Cheap yet big painting. Thinking to buy one in case that I have an empty spot in the room..
re-think again and decided no to buy first until there's empty spot. yela..if v buy first, then we'll try making spot for this one. waste2...cannot!rm36

A jewellery box a.k.a gift box. Heart this one. Cz it's cheap but looking expensive=p haha..put it back cz I have already have VIP gift ready T_T..rm8

Sharing is caring aite??In case u guys looking for those items, u can find it in Romantica, Amcorp Mall, PJ. The flowers are cheap. Flower decoration ranges as cheap as rm8-rm100++

For bunga yg letak kt pelamin tu...usually they put in a big vase tu..u can get it at rm80. well decorated. u can choose flowers and they can decorate it for u=) If I knew this, I wud have been decorating my own pelamin during d e-day T-T a lot save there.

Naseb baek pelamin sponsor;)


  1. doorgift tu sgt cute! hehehe.

    additional in4.
    romantika ade kat: selayang mall (near bowling), & wangsa walk. ^_^



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