Tuesday, July 27, 2010

doorgift n significance

Salam ladies!

Ahh..(ngantuknye T_T)

Being in research area for so long..my everyday language pon dh jadik sgt scientific..Gosh..I am no fun nymore T_T..
Btw, my doorgift ade pelbagai.y??becoz I cannot afford to buy them in a big quantities, therefore I have to mix them up. Another reason will be..to fullfill everybody's interest.

One of my doorgift which I had been wanting for so long was tat nenas.
Becoz of d tat was so gedabaks!only four pieces are fitted in a box. But, can do la.ahahha..

Cz Mr. lover suke sgt tart nenas.

But..I can't afford tat nenas (tambah2 yg saiz bengkak cani T_T)

Told my sister the dilemma...
And..she senyap2 bought many2 pieces (cannot tell d exact figures la=p) for me. yey!!

Here they are..packed in boxes.

Oh, they too are put a goodie bags. SO, only certain people will get. What to do..xde bajet T-T


So sedey that I cannot provide kuih raye for my frens anymore T_T


  1. kuih tart nenas..!!! oowwhh..sungguh sedap..!! i suke sangat kuih tart ni.. sonok nyer u ley bagi cute doorgift macam nie... kompem ramai orang suker.. :)

  2. Emmm... OK je My rasa bagi x semua sama.. Eh.. betul ke ckp.. My pun plan cmtue.. beli campur2.. Whatever it is.. at least try my best tuk ikut my budget.. The keyword is budget kan.. Huhu

  3. wah gemuknya tart nenas u dear. kat mana ur sister beli. i pn nk beli gak. teringin2. tanyakan dkt dia blh ke?

  4. @ty:tula..sambil pack, sambil sendiri mkn;p
    my:yes my..budget2...
    aim:dh jwb=p

  5. nak jadi adik kakak u jugak boleh?? haha :P

  6. my:lol!
    msB:oh, from my sis's fren in penang;p

  7. Wani, make sure doorgift for me kne ade tat nenas okeh. hahaha. kidding. =P



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