Friday, July 2, 2010

30 minutes catch from W-Exhibition, MV

Salam all..

Went to wedding exhibition at d MV exhibition centre.
Oh, I alwiz lov to go on friday cz less sesak..n my mud will b better (remmber, cz I'm not a bridezilla=p).

I don't really know my intention here. Just wanted to scare mysef a bit about my decision (xde keje=p). even though i already knew the f-ness of my w-planner T_T..

eh..still..I was looking for doorgifts and also d paper bags (sume yg bekaitan doorgifts la).

Usually, I don't find wedding exhibition that useful to me. But somehow, I did find this time around interesting. The bajus are all gojes this time. The gojesness first of all came from RinsSuzana. The bajus wer all gojes la i tell u. menyesal pulak x xurvey kt dorang suggoh2 T_T

Depan RinsSuzana tu ade booth laksa shack?? are providing pulut kuning service (to replace tiers cake) which are getting popular these days..take a look at some of d collections which I love=)

This was made of .8.5kg pulot..byknye..i just ingat nk buat sendiri 3 tiers pulut kuning made of 5kgs=( huuu..xleh2..
see..they put roses..fresh tau..mesti mkn pulot ade rase rose sket=p
don't like??try below with tiers..

If x suke tibe2 ade bunge ros tu..try this. I think this one is nicer..they decorate it with edible decos (i mean yg comaptible with pulut kuning taste). In the middle tu rendang tok..
the price is rm270 (rm20 more thn d above pulut kuning..)

If you wud like to try different thing, go for pulut hijau!erkk...don't worry..this pulut is still gud..they r still x expired=p hahah
This pulut turned green becos of pandan colouring..
for me, i wud v do pulut kuning cz it is kuning aite??err..i dono.wont go for this definitely. oh, the red thingy tu is pulut oso. They r coloured with rose colouring. rm255 kot..i cant remember=p

Besides this, I alwiz love to see baju. Oh, I wish I am tall so that baju will not b an issue=(
Few of them that I love=)

Alwix lov kain like this. i suitable to wear one like this??cz my leg wudnt b long enough to show such silhouette=(

Love this design as well..First notice this kind of design in Syahrir Nordin's. Will short bride suitable for this??=(

This baju wasss sooo gojes!but kebaye labuh just a no-no for me;)

The settings that I love and...teringat nk snap=p

Comeynye arch ni..But I already hv my gojes arch dah=p hehe (if the w-planner x lupe my request la T_T)

The main setting (ade petandingan nyanyi mase ni=p)..the roman setting which currently tgh in;)

Oh, n my fren was kinda of being forced to test for this one caterer. br rase sket je, our face mmg amazed. It was soooo sedap superb2!!!and also cheap!u can get it for rm6.80 per head!soo cheap!sume2 ade la..cake pengantin bla2...(penat nk taip)

What I like, they are very islamic.

Oh well..who are still in searching for cheap lollies and worries. I finally found it here (after all d trouble I went through and changing ideas..T_T br nk jmpe=()
find them here-->

Oh, of course if u wanna best deal, u shud have book them within this weekend darlings!
Gudluk!!seriously bes this time punye exhibition ^_^ (still I am not up for anything T_T)

Oh, semuanya sudah terlambat T_T


  1. i pon prefer pulut kuning dari pulut hijau. hehe

  2. pulut ijau looks like rumput laaa..hehe..

  3. yang putih itu sangat menyesakkan nafas!!

  4. Pulut ijau is soooooo gross looking. Hahaha. XD.

    wani, remember my entry on "Untuk B2B rendah"? Kan ke bride dlm video tu pakai dress like the first one tu? cantik je. yang penting the details yang kat bawah bust tu...that will make u look taller.

  5. cikB n hana:yep me too..saje post to warn all of u=p
    lala:sesak nafas??is it becoz its stunning or becoz of something else??
    SCR:yes i do...but it really hard to convince the stu-w-planner about this.he/she keep saying that that cut is not suitable fer me. so not talented!



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