Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hijab style for the bride

Salam ladiess...

Oh, lg sebulan??i can't believe this. Time runs soo fast. Last year, i didn't know that I'm gonna get married in 2010 T_T if i knew this, i must go raye like crazy=p n of course i'll learn how to cook rendang..(ye, saye maseh x penah msk gulai apetah lag rendang T_T)

ok2..back to the topic.

It's about the hijab (yeah..i know..aaagaiiinnn). Haha..I am so berat hati to wear tudong awning T_T..
it's not that i'm not comfortable..
it's just based on d fact that i love being different.
But, the risk is whether it works, or u'll look weird..for this one??looking weird on ur WEDDING DAY!!!
I don't wanna take d risk.So, i google. If there's a manual for us in choosing veil, there's also manual for choosing hijab.

Anyone who's still stuck thinking for d rite hijab..try read this. It helps me in making decision=p


I was actually wanted something like this. I got a round face. this bride also has round face rite??(ke my eyes dh x kero..haha). But, according to that blog, this style is unsuitable for round face's person. But she still looks pretty T_T I wantt..huuu

Actually many people said, i got an apple-shaped face..* bentuk ni not in d list*


  1. hahaha...haruslah belaja buat rendang??

  2. rasenye tau cemane nk wat..cume biasela..x penah wat=p hehe

  3. y la i hv to get married b4 u..if u go first, then i can just tiru=p hahaha T_T

  4. eh babe, i got a round face tooo.
    pasrah jek kan???
    i pun penah gi blog tersebut.tgk pix yg u upload tu lawa jek..
    dun worry much la k.just wear wut u long comfy n lawa pada mata u..gudluck dear!!!

    p/s : i pon belom decide nak pakai tudung mcm mana.suspen betul lah... =)

  5. salam kenal..u pki je dear..yg penting confidence level kn tgi..bru rasa cantik spnjang hari..hihi

  6. dear..we are on the same also looking for tudung without awning..maybe blh cari anak tudung syria tp yg glemer ckit la..kt hajaba ker..

  7. amelyn:mmg..sgt pasrah..i br je nk try anak tudung syria yg dpn die kale2 tu..doubt 4 a very long time jugak..bile bace kt stylish muslimah..tros diyakinkan yang i cannot go wit that style T_T pasrah lagi..

    iedayah:tula..kite bajet yakin la..pedulik hape org tgk dgn rase pelik..haha..i got a sister who happens to have a VERY round face.genuinely round.even die x pakai tudon pon dh round...she lg kesian..x bole nk befesyen tudong lgsg;p

    missB:tp msB, ur face x round..okla...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..erk..where is Hajaba??i beli tudong kt pasa je selalu or kt mane2 yg catch my eyes T_T

  8. hah?? my face xround? ish2..tgk betul2.bulat mcm bulan.haha..hajaba ader kt s.alam..ariani xsure ade ke x..but gonna check out that tomorrow.hehee..

  9. msB:haha..will do checking ur face later=p
    is hajaba that expensive like ariani??T_T tp tok wedding..kene la kan

  10. hajaba is behind tesco extra s.alam.ala..dkt office upin and ipin tu.. the price more or less mcm ariani la..hehee

  11. missB:oh yeah?which u think u wud prefer..(so that i can just tiru without go survey T_T..haha)



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