Monday, July 5, 2010

The wishlist

Salam ladies...

everybody been calling me asking if i need any helps..huu..thank you thank u...but, i'll call u if i need anyk;) *terharu*

n also, when i said this to them: 'save d date yea..n u can hunt for the gift now'
they usually replied: 'x tau nk bg ape la..ko kan nk pindah jepon T_T'


I know..that facts limit the options for d gift. To solve this problem..i wud say:
'buy je la anything. don't think about me moving..think about me staying, k'.

n some of them, even if i'll b staying here, they also dont know what to give..*sigh*..
cannot blame them la..i also experienced this now n then..
so, my fren had suggested me to do a wishlist.
but in my case...the wish list yg i create, it's not totally my wish (cz like alwiz, i pon x tau ape yg i nk T_T), the wish list is just to giv an idea to my frens of what to buy. well..if it's not for me, for other bakal pengantin rite??;)

I'm doing this in a short amount of time. If you guys happen to think of something else that's really suitable for wedding gift, glad if cud share;)

*all photos are from Google

hihi..that's all i can think of. Most of them are cooking items. actually, i love baking, most probably, i wud b wanting an oven so freakin bad T_T n also martha stewart's cookie book!!heeh..

oh, n d most that i need is a hand luggage T_T sooo looking for the one in shocking pink=p!

B2b, who has already received d very advanced w-present!Thank u to kala, fifi n mun;)

*update (1 day later after a few people been asking)
addition to the list:
1) glass n plate set (ok je la's not like i'll stay in Japan forever, kan??)
2) mini laptop bag=p
3) buku panduan menjadi isteri solehah
4) buku panduan buat ibu mengandung=p
5) stove pon bole..
6) baking pan
7) iron pon bole..especially yg bole bwk travel..hehe
8) rice cooker..wooo..pentin ni..
9) MONEY (suggestion by kay...then here's my account number:maybank 164481107957 ;p)

*update 100710=p
-recipe book-occupied
-lingerie-occupied..(in fact too many T_T)

*update 110710
Addition to the wishlist:
1) scale....(br prasan i alwiz had problems with measurement bile nk ikot resipe this one sgtla bes kalau dpt=p)
2) mini sewing machine (i alwiz wanted to try to sew..but xde, i have to start somewhere..=p)
3) cake making utensils..hehe
4) microwave
5) lesung batu kecik (that can b brought to travel;p)
6) vacuum


  1. my fren aritu ade tggalkan skali maybank acc num =P

  2. yeahh!! dh ade list..senagg sket member2 u nk bg adiahh kt u nnt

  3. i love baking tooooo!!!
    seyesly, nanti da kawen, kat umah wajib ada oven..nak masak sampai lebam n bagi mr.fiance bulat macam belon! =D
    babe, u bagi i oven then i bagi u oven for the wedding gift yah!! hohohooo.

  4. elya:hehe..yes2..if u have any other ideas..tell me la..i cant think more la..(almaklumla..x penah dok sendiri T_T)
    amelyn:r u serious??weeee...when s ur wedding dear??



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