Friday, July 2, 2010


Salam lovelies..
Before I start my job, rase nk menulis pule..owh wat else did i left out??owh, it's the honeymoon;)
Ok, actually, my fiance had proposed a place where u can find this:

Source: Google

But, u see..we got married just a week before Ramadhan. So, we don't really have time to stay long. Wat's d point of going there for 3 days kan T-T..So, v posponed the date to newyear. Suddenly my sister nk get married plak on that new year.'s becoz d date kan, v maybe posponed our honeymoon to 2 months later. Plus, i don't want to go there in fun no fun..haha

Tp my fiance ni insist jgk nk ade pre-honeymoon (i don't see wats d different with real honeymoon T-T)..He insisted to go out of d country (like he actually staying in Malaysia T_T). Where to go out of the country when v just have 3 free days???

Tell u guys, he never been in Singapore..haha...dah pergi merate2 dunia..singapore die x penah pegi??, he bought 2 ticks to singapore. Main intention..he wanted to bring me to this place-->

USS under construction-source:Google

Haish...ikotkan jela..asalkan die bahagie..heee

B2B yg x suke naik ride yg pening2 T_T


  1. maknenye i pon same kene perli la ni?

    i pon x penah g singapore~

    dlu plan nak honeymoon kt sane tp x jadi

    heheh... xpe2 nex time kteorg ronda2 di sane

  2. alololo...haha..bukan e'ein..sbb my fiance ni mcm dh go round d world die x penah dpt nk g singapore.'s ok..lebih kurang malaysia je..haha..sorry ye kalo terase=p

  3. eh, i x terase la..heheh.. saje nak mention sbb i pon dh g tempat lain tp yg dkt langsung x penah..

  4. haha..ur case ni same la ngan my fiance eh??chill2..i x penah g zoo negare T_T

    Singapore pun best la kak wanie.. kwn atiq p sana mcm best jer gmbr2 dia kat sana... ;) tp kalo jauh sket lg best kan?

  6. sape suro nk kawen bbrape hari sblm puase..kalo jauh sgt kang..sampai sane dh kene puase..haha

  7. paris..aaaa rinduuuuuu =)

    have fun kat paris dear..but la tour eiffle mase winter is so dem cold!!so windyy

    but..the winter sale is after christmas!! normally early january till early feb.

    and if u need any tips/advice of where to go or where to buy things or anything..i'm here to help..i plak excited hihihi..sorry dear, but paris is always in my heart..chewahh :D

  8. amalina:oh, me of the place that i think i wud love (even tho i neve went there T_T). hope so...but definitely will since i'll b going wit my lov;)
    thank u for ur offer.will do ctc u for my super short cut of 'what to do when u r in paris'=p
    we'll keep in touch;)



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