Thursday, July 29, 2010

guestbook??hentam saja!

Salam laling2 sekalian..

I have no idea for the guestbook.
Y?-Becos I need it to be practical!Tht's possible to be kept intact forever. Afraid if i add ribbons n flowers everywhere, by nextyear, dh jadik mcm harte karun titanic=p ahahaha..

So, I just printed out my wedding layout.
glued them on the cover of a sketch book (bought in MPH..u guys told me to find it there, n i did..thnak u=]) to protect the cover from weather n watsoever elements that might ruin it?
tau x clear folder??I just selitkan d cover inside a clear folder.
Taraaa!!!here how it looks like=)

Don't forget to leave ur marks in there ok??



  1. Cantik dan elegant. (LIKE)

  2. Xora n gaye pengantin mls=p btw, thank u=)

  3. im still wondering how to get to ur kahwin venue... nk pegi..hehe

  4. kay:yeke?ahaha..need me to emel u d map?
    cikBelle:thank u=)

  5. i checked google map hope it was okay...ill try tau.. sbb ade clash gak ngn my fren nye.. okay?



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