Wednesday, August 4, 2010

she wrote about me for 2times!

Salam ladies=)

I'm writing from Singapore=p husband (yg mmg dok Jepon dh 10 thn) was so excited to see Singapore. He was scanning everything along the way to our hotel. At first he was frustrated to see how busy the city is, which is quite similar with wat he's experiencing in Japan. But, when v arrived at the Sentosa, he was smiling. Hehe..naseb baek I insist to stay in Sentosa.\

Ok2..back to the topic.

While I was away, there's posts about my wedding. Owh, I am soo touched! Die ni mmg irresistably sweet at heart la. Thank you SCR for everything. Your wishes really made my day. XOXO.

Check out her posts here:

Last but not least, thank you to Aim cz sudi dtg. Really frustrated for not being able to save tat nenas fer u=p ahahah..Really, I thankd u=)

The pengantin baru;


  1. owh kat s'pore rupe nye~~~~ patut la senyap je facebook. hahaha XD

  2. nah its k dear. takde rezeki. anyway have fun on ur honeymoon yea. ;)

  3. eh pengantin baru sudah update blog!
    congrats dear! ;)

  4. wani..wah! dh berhoneymoon!!congrats!!! nkpegi yg belah ur husband blh? yg u bg hari tu xtau nk pegi mcmana la..hehee

  5. gile panatas u hapdet..i mau pegi tapi my family lama tersekat kat my dad nye fren anak doer kawen kol 3steng still kat federal..hmmppphhtt~!

    ur wedding cantik la,sweetie..

  6. wani, update la cerita kawen. hihihi. special request nak tengok ur bridal room. TEngok kat fb page camelia cam cantik je. ^_^

  7. babe..update la ur wedding highlight.
    kami2 yang x dapat pegi ni menungguuuu..=D
    btw, congrates tau!



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