Friday, August 20, 2010

My favorite dress!

Salam ladies..

Sorry for slowing down=p
Ok, now I would like to reveal my favourite dress of all the dresses I wore.

Among the 3 dresses, I love my baju bersanding. The creme color one (my dream wedding dress mmg kale krim pon=p)
However, I must admit that the execution of this dress was only 90% accurate. I can show you so many weaknesses which if you guys notice it, the baju will look ugly.

Here's the dress..

This baju was designed by me.
The kain by Jakel.

*tips 1*
I decided to have a one piece dress to help me (konon2) looks taller la kan. haha..
As you can see, the tailor divided the dress into two parts, the top and the bottom (which I could not accept!).so, cacat dahla kt pinggang tu. I was ok with that. So, we can cover that with an embellishment. But becoz of.. she did a VERY last minute job, the embellishment tu gube riben je??!!!sabar je la..I really hope it looks fine in the picture=(

*tips 2*
Because I love this dress sooo much, I chose to wear a short veil. I do not want the veil to cover the baju too much.
Another thing, I also put round buttons byk2 kt blakang baju ni=p huhu..I hope my OP ade amek gamba blakang cz my unofficials manela reti nk notice this small2 things kan. Pray hard!

*tips 3*
Btw, baju ni sgt berat..look at the train;p
train does gives u beautiful outdoor shoot tau. Go with train!^_^

*tips 4*
The veil from the front. And don't forget to let it loose so u can play with the veil more.hihi..

From the picture, u can see that I was wearing a gold set for everything. I didn't know that it's rare for modern bride (my mak andam has to buy new accessories cz silver accessories doesn't match my dress). However, I think.. I was still looking gud aite (perasan!=p)??

*tips 5*
To bride yg pakai tudong, please wear anak tudong with a tighter grip. As u can see, my tudong terok larinye..I don't blame the anak tudong la..haha..seriously, my tiara n veil was not that heavy that they cud pulled my tudung. My case ni becos I was laughing n moving too much kot..T_T
Again, hoping for the OP to do something about that=(

*tips 6*
Some people complained for my plain awning. I wore a plain awning's tudung in purpose. Cz I do not want to be overwhelmed by bling2 on my head. If I cud, I wanted a less complicated veil to go with the dress. The w-planner promised to make a new one during our discussion looks still acceptable=)


  1. I like #5. That's so u. hahaha.

    and I love the plain tudung. ^_^

  2. betol..kena pakai anak tudung yg jenis bg tudung kita lekat n takkan begerak..
    btw..tahniah....tip utk pple like me yg blom bersanding hehe



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