Thursday, August 19, 2010

The spa of my choice

Salam lovelies...

Today my day started quite late as I am having stomach cramp T_T..huhu..mkn ubat n tros shahid sebentar.

I am still feeling the dizziness ni..but updet blog bleh je=p ahaha..
So, I found the photos from my spa session.

I chose a spa near to my home in PJ.

The spa is located in PJ state, near to Assunta Hospital.

Take a look at the room.

The bed for the spa treatments. The session took 3 hours kot. Oh, the bed is blocking the bath tub la..every room has its own personal bath tub.

and also a personal shower

Went there for 3 sessions.
Spa treatments, facial, pedicure n manicure.
I took a pre-wedding package.
And tell u, it's worth it!!
bes gle!!
daki sume kuar..n muke sgt la mulus..muke i yg jerawat byk mase tu tros licin mcm cermin n of course sgt lembut=p ahahha...

Ada tips here.
Don't do your spa treatment that late tau.
For me, I did one day before my w-day which is sooo wrong.
But for me, I enjoy doing it last minute cz the freshness that I felt stayed till d next day=p ahaah..
If u have extra budget for the spa, u are encouraged to take more than 1 session cz I think to really sees the effect, u might need more than 1 session.
However for me, one session is enough dah;p ahahah..

The product used are from Indonesia. From mama Matilda ape tah.
For the facial they used biokos.

Love the body scrub but they don't sell it la..T_T

After each session, they'll serve u a cup of tea and a plate of watermelon. The tea sgt sedap T_T...It just calm u down after each session. I think it's part of the ritual kot.

The place is gojes!!all in, u'll walk in water tp atas batu la..haha..susah nk explain. please go to the website k.

Btw, before u go, u have to really make up ur mind which ritual do you guys wud like to try.
In my case, I book for a spa treatment..but bile sampai sane I decided to take a package (sbb rase spa treatment die bebaloi2..nk try yg lain jgk). haha..pening jgk dorang nk atur jadual. Sorry Auntie Zam=p

The price??
It's all stated in the website. Better go faster cz they are in the process of naik harge after 6 years.
Btw, you wont see the package that I took in the website cz I changed certain things in the package with a lil addition to the price shown. So, u may not necessarily have to follow the package provided. You still can negotiate about it with the owner, k. Gudluk!

Ok, I hope with this information, I have helped u narrowing down ur spa choices=)
For b2b who's still considering spa treatment before the wedding, personally I think you should go. You can even ask your fiance to sponsor u. after all the treatment pon for him kan=p ahaha..

Many people been asking, did u ever missed the moment when u do all the preps??
QueenForADay wud say..NO (for the moment;])

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